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Historial de versiones para Spybot - Search & Destroy

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Cambios para v2.3 beta 1 - v2.3

  • In response to the latest techniques used by malware developers we have added new enhanced detection methods. This means better protection against the new wave of spyware, rootkits and viruses.
  • Scanning and cleaning is now much faster. We have ‘tweaked’ our scanning engine so it now scans faster and some cleaning tasks are now fully automated.
  • We have also made certain features of Spybot easier to access from the user interface at the request of our customers, many of whom gave us very useful feedback. There have also been many other functional improvements and enhancements.
  • For example:
  • - Improved Startup Tools. These powerful tools now work with even the latest Windows Operating Systems.
  • - SDScan now runs automatically with escalated privileges. This means no more annoying restarts and no need to run SDCleaner.
  • Furthermore we have added an exciting new ‘Notifications’ feature:
  • Spybot can now be configured to send the results of scans on your PC to your mobile device, server, chat or website. You no longer have to wait around while Spybot is doing a scan. As soon as your scan finishes a message will be sent to your chosen device and you will be informed of possible threats. This means you can react and make decisions on what action to take much faster.

Cambios para v2.1.20 SR1 - v2.1.21 SR2

  • The second service release of Spybot 2.1
  • As well as background improvements we have also included updated language files and installation is now smoother. As a result of feedback from users we have also changed the default settings for Internet Protection to give better performance. The Start Center and the tray icon now give you more precise information about the status of options

Cambios para v2.0.6 Beta 4 - v2.0.7 Beta 5

  • We have revised the Uninstaller.
  • Memory consumption during scans has been optimized.
  • The detection criteria were improved and now detect more malicious files.
  • Extended logging is now easier to understand.
  • We have also added support for big fonts and made navigation without a mouse easier.

Cambios para v2.0.5 Beta 3 - v2.0.6 Beta 4

  • Live Protection is now enabled by default
  • Performance improvements for Live Protection
  • Live Protection scans can be cancelled
  • Improved compatibility with third-party products
  • Explorer Context Menu Extension for files and folders

Cambios para v2.0.4 Beta 2 - v2.0.5 Beta 3

  • Improved Live Protection allowing you to block and remove detected malware.
  • Global system file whitelisting for Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • The personal whitelisting component has been updated.
  • Improved scanning speed.
  • Updated browser detection and immunization.
  • Updated settings for background services.
  • Added URL whitelisting and cookie protection to Google Chrome extension.
  • Enhanced error reporting.
  • Fixes for known memory leaks and update issues.

Cambios para v2.0.3.131 Beta1 - v2.0.4 Beta 2

  • Some highlights of this release are:
  • Reduced download size compared to Spybot-S&D 2.0 Beta 1.
  • Faster installation procedure with a new option to preconfigure Spybot-S&D for a care free setup.
  • Experimental plugin for Google Chrome.
  • Experimental on-access scanner.
  • Optional heuristic scans.
  • Spybot-S&D's modules can now be directly opened from its tray icon.
  • Fixed known uninstallation issues and tons of other bug fixes.

Cambios para v1.6.0.30 - v1.6.2.46

  • Fixes a critical bug in 1.6.1

Cambios para v1.5.2.20 - v1.6.0.25 Beta 1

  • Scan speed vastly improved (with default settings: ca. 5x)
  • IE addon has more options
  • More browsers supported
  • Improved Terminal Services support
  • Improved Vista support
  • Improved blind/disabled users support

Cambios para v1.5.1.15 - v1.5.1.17 Beta

  • InnoSetup 5.20 now used
  • Improved the localization
  • Explorer context menu option "Erase with Spybot"
  • Separate shredder

Cambios para v1.4 - v1.5.1.15

  • Restored Win95 compatibility
  • Improved Wine compatibility
  • Fixed HyperThreading issues
  • Improved 64 bit immunization
  • Create Portable.ini in main folder to use app folder as data folder as well
  • New warnings about missing admin rights on Windows Vista
  • Support for multi-line bookmarks (IE 7 / Vista)
  • New Immunization for Firefox & Mozilla
  • Improved Immunization for Opera
  • "Single excludes" now include filenames to be more unique
  • Improved settings retrieval from registry (mixed installations)
  • Fixed .reg import bugs
  • Added support for automated removal of F/Ps from host lists
  • Changed update UserAgent and Referrer
  • Improved (Vista-compatible) support for fast user switching

Cambios para v1.5.1.13 Beta - v1.5.1.14 RC1

Cambios para v1.5.1.12 Beta - v1.5.1.13 Beta

  • On Windows 95 B (not C) with old libraries, the background color "info background" (usually a light yellow) is not known, this crashes RichEdit controls. Either fix or MS update required
  • TeaTimer might crash after second change
  • The new Easter Egg might cause some endless brain loop, should you encounter two 4s, the first one is a 5 (can't tell more obviously :-D )
  • Buttons on IE plugin dialog do vanish when resizing updater dialog
  • /allhives should inform the user he better should run as admin if he does not, since loading remote hives needs admin rights
  • SDHelper page display problems when starting up with multiple tabs on IE7
  • SpybotSD.exe /autoupdate should pass parameters to SDUpdate.exe and wait for its return
  • Automatically close SDUpdate.exe after messagebox that no updates are available
  • IE Plugin menu item might not appear on Vista+IE7 (workaround: type about:sdhelper; fix: installer updated)
  • Installer didn't show all buttons in some of the new (46) languages (now defaults to english)
  • Usage tracks didn't show up
  • Added "Back to mirror list" to updater (was only in context menu)
  • Installer will no longer overwrite old Ignore lists
  • Changes to settings tree saved immediately now
  • TeaTimer did not see all 64 bit applications

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