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Historial de versiones para BitSpirit

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Cambios para v3.6.0.403 - v3.6.0.550

  • Improved: Memory management;
  • Added:;

Cambios para v3.6.0.401 - v3.6.0.403

  • Fixed: an error related to batch link processing (added in v3.6.0.401);

Cambios para v3.6.0.362 - v3.6.0.401

  • Added: # column added to job list view;
  • Added: ui.task.stopatshareratio added to 'Advanced' Options;
  • Improved: the mini-bar now supports batch file/link processing;
  • Fixed: upload speed may exceed the upload limit for some DHT-Enabled jobs (under some rare circumstances);

Cambios para v3.6.0.336 - v3.6.0.362

  • Added: IP2Country in peer list (please refer to: IP to Country);
  • Improved: local torrent files switch to relative path;
  • Fixed: sometimes 'Logger' behaves improperly;
  • Fixed: the link retrieved from the Clipboard contains a limit of 1000 chars;

Cambios para v3.6.0.330 - v3.6.0.336

  • Improved: some minor improvements related to magnet URLs;

Cambios para v3.6.0.315 - v3.6.0.330

  • Fixed: memory usage limitation doesn't work while downloading some torrents (v3.6.0 series only)

Cambios para v3.6.0.300 - v3.6.0.315

  • Fixed: Category related;
  • Fixed: Windows 7 Compatibility;
  • Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed;

Cambios para v3.6.0.200 - v3.6.0.300

  • Improved & Fixed: Cache related;
  • Improved: some other minor improvements;

Cambios para v3.5.0.256 - v3.5.0.275

  • Changed: Default seeding time from 12h to manual stop;
  • Improved: some other minor improvements;

Cambios para v3.5.0.236 - v3.5.0.256

  • Fixed: BitSpirit didn’t detect the default media player under some systems;
  • Fixed: Avoid manipulating UPnP device frequently;
  • Fixed: Access violation after switching between some languages more than 5 times;
  • Added: Auto resumes running jobs at program startup;
  • Added: Customizable search box;
  • Changed: While seeding, (seed/peer) means seeders detected in the past 30 minutes.
  • Improved: Protocol Encryption related;

Cambios para v3.5.0.216 Beta - v3.5.0.236

  • Fixed & Improved: DHT related

Cambios para v3.2.2.193 Beta - v3.2.2.215 Beta

Cambios para v3.2.2.122 - v3.2.2.160

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