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TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.5

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
TorrentRover Portable is a search tool that helps you find and download your favorite music, movies, TV shows, applications, and more. In short, you can search, manage, and download torrent files right from your desktop.

TorrentRover uses the most popular torrent search engines to get you the best results. Currently supports,,, and And they''re always improving and adding more search sites.

TorrentRover has many unique features that make it superior to the average torrent site and other desktop search apps.
  • It’s Free!
  • Clean and Simple user interface
  • Fast searches
  • Simple results list (manage site results in one list sorted any way you want)
  • Detailed information on torrents (files, trackers, user comments)
  • Helpful plugins (Imdb, Wikipedia, Google, eBay, Amazon, MetaCritic, etc.)
  • Proxy server to protect your search privacy
  • Automated downloading
  • Portable version available
  • ZERO ads, spyware, viruses, or other malware
  • Free Download
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.5Tamaño: 10.80 MB

    Capturas de pantalla:

    TorrentRover (portable) v0.23.1

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    Tipo de licencia Ad-supported1
    Página del autor Visita la página del autor
    Fecha que se añadió. 27/12/2019
    Descargas 3
    Tamaño 10.80 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
    Idiomas disponibles English  
    Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.5(Más reciente estable versión) 27/12/2019
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.3 18/02/2019
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.2 29/11/2018
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.1 14/11/2018
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.3.0 28/10/2018
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.7 24/12/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.5 09/11/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.3 14/10/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.2 16/09/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.1 14/09/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.2.0 06/08/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.22 14/07/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.21 02/07/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.20 29/06/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.19 26/05/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.18 16/05/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.17 07/05/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.16 29/04/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.15 20/04/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.14 15/04/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.12 12/03/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.11 05/03/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.9 08/01/2017
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.7 25/12/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.5 05/11/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.3 08/10/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.2 23/09/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.1.0 10/09/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.10 20/08/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.9 11/08/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.8 06/08/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.7 04/08/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.6 13/06/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.5 05/05/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.3 25/03/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.2 19/02/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v1.0.0 13/02/2016
    TorrentRover (portable) v0.23.4 31/07/2015
    TorrentRover (portable) v0.23.3 12/06/2015
    TorrentRover (portable) v0.23.2 25/05/2015
    TorrentRover (portable) v0.23.1 12/03/2015
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