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TVersity Media Server v3.4

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as we call it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG). It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go, overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime and from any device. TVersity supports all devices that support UPnP AV / DLNA standard. This includes devices like networked TVs, DVDs, Stereo Receivers, Digital Media Adapaters/Receivers, Mobile Phones, Satellite and Cable set-top-boxes. Devices with a web browser (XHTML-MP or WAP 2.0) and media streaming or downloading capabilities like Mobile Phones, PDAs, the Sony PSP, XBOX 360. Devices with an RSS reader and media streaming or downloading capabilities like the Sony PSP, iTunes/iPod and more.

More information about TVersity can be found on our guide Stream videos to Xbox 360 with TVersity

Capturas de pantalla:

TVersity Media Server v1.0 RC 1 TVersity Media Server v1.0 RC 1 TVersity Media Server v1.0 RC 1 TVersity Media Server v1.0 RC 1
Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 17/02/2015
Descargas 12,323
Tamaño 46.05 MB (6min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

17/02/2015TVersity Media Server v3.7.1(Más reciente estable versión)
20/11/2014TVersity Media Server v3.5
02/10/2014TVersity Media Server v3.4
19/09/2014TVersity Media Server v3.3
21/08/2014TVersity Media Server v3.2
09/08/2014TVersity Media Server v3.1
15/07/2014TVersity Media Server v3.0
02/05/2014TVersity Media Server v2.7
06/08/2013TVersity Media Server v2.6
12/06/2013TVersity Media Server v2.5
13/03/2013TVersity Media Server v2.4
03/09/2012TVersity Media Server v2.3
25/05/2012TVersity Media Server v2.2
03/05/2012TVersity Media Server v2.1
14/04/2012TVersity Media Server v2.0
07/08/2011TVersity Media Server v1.9.7
16/07/2011TVersity Media Server v1.9.6
25/11/2010TVersity Media Server v1.9.3
12/08/2010TVersity Media Server v1.9.2
13/07/2010TVersity Media Server v1.9
26/02/2010TVersity Media Server v1.8 Beta
20/01/2010TVersity Media Server v1.7.4 Beta
12/01/2010TVersity Media Server v1.7.3 Beta
23/09/2009TVersity Media Server v1.7.2.1 Beta
10/09/2009TVersity Media Server v1.7.0.0 Beta
24/05/2009TVersity Media Server v1.6.0.0 Beta
26/04/2009TVersity Media Server v1.5.0.0 Beta
20/01/2009TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.11 RC 7
05/01/2009TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.10 RC 6
28/11/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.8 RC 5
23/10/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.6 RC4
28/09/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.5 RC 3
21/09/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.4 RC 3
24/07/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0.0.3 RC 2
30/06/2008TVersity Media Server v1.0 RC 1
31/12/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.11.4
04/12/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.11.3
12/11/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.11.2
07/10/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.8
19/07/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.7
03/07/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.6
27/06/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.5
30/05/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.3
10/05/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.2 (Patch)
01/05/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.2
19/04/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.10.1
31/03/2007TVersity Media Server v0.9.9.2
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