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Historial de versiones para TightVNC (64-bit)

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Cambios para v2.7.7 - v2.7.10

  • TightVNC Server
  • Now all displays are shown in Viewer when monitors are connected to different graphics cards, rather then showing only one.
  • No more cursor disappearing or freezing when an application window controlled remotely is dragged by its title bar.
  • TightVNC Viewer
  • Added detection of a Windows key press (alone or in combination with other keys), as well as Alt -Tab combination in the full-screen mode.
  • Improved a File transfer window: file listing in the directory is now case insensitive.
  • Added sorting of files by Name, Size or date Modified either in ascending or descending order.
  • For both Server and Viewer, performance gain is achieved when TightVNC encoding is used due to accelerated JPG encoding and decoding. It is noticeable mostly on old hardware configurations.

Cambios para v2.7.3 - v2.7.7

  • Server for Windows
  • Fixed a bug with multi-monitor configurations running on Windows 8. The main display can be safely set to any monitor in a row or column.
  • On Windows 8, data is no longer corrupted when the screen resolution is not divided by four (native resolution for some laptops).
  • No more issues on the Server side when a zero compression level is set in the Viewer settings (Options > Set custom compression level > level: 0).
  • Fixed incompatibility with older versions of TightVNC Viewer (1.3.10).
  • Viewer for Windows
  • Fixed a keyboard bug: it stopped working after a file transfer window is opened.

Cambios para v2.7.1 - v2.7.3

  • Server for Windows
  • Improved performance when the remote desktop is shown in its original size. Moreover, the image quality is now improved in case pixel-size checkerboard patterns are used.
  • Fixed an issue on connection to a server from a built-in remote desktop client on Mac.
  • You can safely change screen properties (resolution, etc.) on the server running on Windows.
  • No more bad desktop size issues if the server is running on Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows Server 2008 (SP1) while there are no drivers installed. A server can be run on a virtual machine as well.
  • Added more verbose logging (when a logging level is set to 9).
  • Optimized Tight encoding to work faster.
  • Increased speed of ZRLE encoding up to 25%.
  • Java Viewer
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with non-TightVNC servers (Mac remote desktop, UltraVNC) when ZRLE encoding is used.
  • Optimized memory usage when Tight or ZRLE encoding is used.

Cambios para v2.6.4 - v2.7.1

  • Server for Windows
  • If a server is running on Windows 8, remote desktop screen is updated much faster.
  • Now it is possible to show a single application rather than the whole remote desktop. For that, run a server with a -shareapp CLI option and pass a running process ID as its argument.
  • Now it is possible to password protect access to server settings (by default, they are accessible once the server is running). It is required to enter an Administrative password to make any changes when Administration > Ask password for each operation is checked.
  • Added ZRLE and RRE encoding support.
  • Fixed issues when Extra Ports are used: now clients can safely establish connection to a server.
  • When a client has disconnected, pressed key states are reset on the server side.
  • Fixed an issue with drawing of a cursor on the server side when Let remote server deal with cursor option is enabled in the Viewer settings. Transparency issues for a cursor are also fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with desktop size after the screen DPI is changed.
  • Invalid JPG data now leads to error throwing rather than crashing.
  • Fixed a bug with queued and non-sent updates on desktop changes.
  • Fixed a missing system libraries error on Windows 2003 (sometimes wtsapi32.dll or psapi.dll could not be found).
  • Viewer for Windows
  • Now it is possible to change the port the Viewer listens on (in the Listening mode) and reconnect to the server right on the fly.
  • Now Viewer can successfully connect to servers that require RFB protocol 4.0 or higher (in fact, RFB 3.8 will be used to establish connection).
  • If minimized, a full-screen window is now restored as a full-screen application rather than a windowed one.
  • Ctrl + M command is now applicable when in the full-screen mode.
  • Now correct resolution is reported in the Connection info window when a remote screen size is not divided by 4.
  • Fixed invalid memory allocations that caused Viewer to crash when a Tight or ZRLE decoder is used.
  • Fixed a bug with VNC session files if a port is less than 100.
  • Fixed grayscale color issue (instead of a full color) when a Tight decoder is used.
  • Fixed rare mouse scrolling issues.
  • Fixed memory leaking when incorrect JPG data is received.
  • Fixed a bug when Viewer cannot connect to a server (with Windows XP or Windows 2003) with a Unicode name.
  • Now a file transfer dialog can be in the background.
  • Source Code (Server and Viewer)
  • Added dependencies from Windows 8 SDK. Now the source code can be built in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Fixed issues with a Virtual Studio 2010 project file.
  • Fixed a thread-related deadlock when waiting for a thread to start.
  • Fixed a bug with image corruption when multiple clients are connected to a server (due to the refactored Server code).
  • Fixed issues with string loading from *.rc files in non Unicode builds.
  • Added correct error handling on Server or Viewer crashing (a proper message is now shown).
  • zlib library is updated to version 1.2.7.

Cambios para v2.6 - v2.6.4

  • Installer for Windows: Fixed a problem where TightVNC Server was registered as a Windows service, despite that was disabled via the MSI property SERVER_REGISTER_AS_SERVICE.
  • Server for Windows: New version of the built-in Java Viewer (version 2.6.2).
  • Server for Windows: Refactored the desktop architecture (no changes in the functionality).
  • Viewer for Windows: A number of improvements in full screen mode.
  • Viewer for Windows: Fixed a problem where the viewer could hang up or crash after disconnect.
  • Viewer for Windows: Fixed minor errors in Tight decoder.

Cambios para v2.5.2 - v2.6

  • Java Viewer: Built-in SSH tunneling via the JSch library.
  • Java Viewer: Saving history and connection options, autocompleting the connection form with the last session parameters.
  • Java Viewer: Fixed a problem with erroneous message ("Connection error: cannot write 16 bytes") appearing after pressing Close in the authentication dialog.
  • Java Viewer: Fixed a bug with the viewer not showing remote screen when ShowControls option was set to 'no'.

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