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Historial de versiones para SubtitleCreator

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Cambios para v2.2 - v2.3 RC 1

  • New features:
  • Finish translation was added by Ropsi
  • Added a snapshot feature (frame grabber), so you can take a snapshot of the DVD (including subtitles)
  • It's now possible to specify the color and (semi)transparency per subtitle: transparency is no longer on/off, but can take a value between 0 (transparent) and 15 (opaque)
  • You can import external images (GIF or PNG, (semi-)transparent): the images can be imported using the


    tags. Since regular subtitles may only contain four colours, the images may look different, since the colors will be mapped to the four most useful colors in the current palette. So changing the palette may give different results too.
  • You can mix and match subtitle sources, e.g. combine a SUP file with several images and regular text. When you save it to an SRT file, all SUPs and images will be saved as images.
  • You can overrule not only the subtitle position (which was already possible), but also the color and transparency. The syntax is as follows: where the first part denotes the position of the subtitle area, ci is the color index in the current palette for background, foreground, outline, antialias, and karaoke, and t its transparency. Note that the ci... part is optional, and that the height of the subtitle area is expressed as a number of lines in the current font.
  • Added an option (Format|Render method|Drop shadow) to draw subtitles with a semi-transparent drop shadow
  • Added opening binary subtitles inside the main window: basically, this makes the Manipulate SUP window superfluous.
  • Added support for Drag-Drop of *.idx and *.sup files. Added support for Drag-Drop of color palette (in the color box).
  • Minor improvement to the title display, so that the first and last part is always retained
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a remaining bug of the SRT to SUP conversion. When SC was generating a Subtitle with a solid background, the top left pixel was not set to the right color. This should be OK now.
  • The Help->Manual command is working with Acrobat Reader 8.
  • Restored the possibility to generate overlapping subtitles i.e. subtitles that have an infinite duration when the end time of one subtitles is equal to the start time of the next one OR better when the end time is 0, as was possible with version 2.1.
  • Added the possibility to open SUP files where some SubPics have no STP_DSP, and show them having an end time of 0. This allows to conserve this information and write it again when saving the subtitle file.
  • Fixed a bug in Google translate - still didn't protect against too frequent querries, causing Google to consider SC an automatic virus or something like that.
  • Fixed HD-SUP reading bugs : see and for details of the bugs.
  • Fixed an out of memory exception bug that occured when opening HD-SUP files thanks to the help of Wackyphill. Had to add a Gc.Collect(). Bug description here:
  • Fixed a bug : when adding a negative delay (.srt and .sup files) there was an exception. See following thread:
  • Fixed MRU bug : When opening a subtitle (srt) that SC finds corrupt, there is an exception but sometimes the subtitle is put in the MRU (Most Recently Used) list. When subsequently opening SC there always occurs an exception, bec. SC was trying to open this same file. This version of SC fixes this bug. Now the corrupt file is removed from the MRU list at the next opening.
  • Fixed a long subtitle bug: when filling a whole page with subtitle text, the memory buffer was too small, causing the memorywriter to crash.
  • Fixed a bug when using the DVD wizard across different hard disks
  • In case of languages without spaces, e.g. Chinese, I split the string at a point without spaces.
  • When opening SUP files that have more than 1 SP_DCSQT, only the first one is used. This enhances the compatibility with DVDSupEncode. See following message for details about the solved problem:

Cambios para v2.2.1 - v2.2

  • The "Use default subtitle colors" checkbox in the Manipulate SUP form is now reset when a new palette or VobSub file is open because it resets the
  • palette. (It is not reset when opening a SUP file).
  • Opening an idx file will automatically switch the interface to PAL or NTSC if needed.
  • HDSUP subpicture is resized to PAL or NTSC according to the mode in which the Manipulate SUP window is set.
  • In the Manipulate SUP, fixed the NTSC or PAL mode switch that was buggy.
  • NTSC/PAL settings are set the same way in the main window and Manipulate SUP...
  • Last used profile will be selected by default at next startup.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow VobSub files to be used for synchronization the same way as SUP files.
  • Profile manager starts with the active Profile.
  • Warn for error can now being enabled only when errors'highlighting is enabled.
  • Sup file names were always preceded by the temporary directory which was an error in the Wizard window. This has been corrected.
  • Restored the possibility to use VobSub (.idx) files in the DVD authoring Wizard.
  • Added a new check box in the DVD Authoring Wizard that allows to force the DVD colors to SC's prefered colors.

Cambios para v2.2.1 Beta 1 - v2.2.2 Beta

  • Able to import HD-SUP files (demuxed using EVODemux). HD-SUP files are converted to standart SUP files on the fly. They can then be processed as standart SUP files.
  • After switching between PAL-NTSC, the splitter distance is automatically adjusted
  • Able to write CHG_COLCON instructions, so you can use an additional color for highlighting a word, e.g. for Karaoke, using word.
  • Able to read CHG_COLCON instructions in Manipulate SUP - at least, test on mpucoder's example worked Important bug fix:
  • DVD wizard used 29.97 instead of 30fps for NTSC movies to translate chapters in the muxman project file, causing muxman to crash. This should no longer occur.

Cambios para v2.1 - v2.2.1

  • First beta release with an option to turn on highlighting of a subtitle with an additional color, which will be especially useful for Karaoke. It's turned on and off using and . Further note that the DVD specification limits the options to a rectangular area, so I cannot deal with highlighting across line breaks. It might still be buggy, so that's why this is a beta release - use it at your own risk.

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