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Historial de versiones para Slimjet (64-bit)

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Cambios para v25.0.8.0 - v25.0.9.0

  • Save flash allowing settings after browser exit.

Cambios para v25.0.7.0 - v25.0.8.0

  • Built in ad blocker now works without the need of additional extension process.

Cambios para v24.0.4.0 - v24.0.5.0

  • Fix a bug with search engine providers.

Cambios para v23.0.11.0 - v24.0.2.0

  • Fix gpu process crash under windows 7
  • (9/5/19)
  • Migrate to Chromium 76
  • Fixed a security issue.

Cambios para v21.0.7.0 - v21.0.8

  • Update spanish language file
  • Fix bug about upload clipboard image in context menu (You can quickly upload clipboard image by right clicking on "Choose File" button).

Cambios para v17.0.8 - v18.0.2

  • Update language files.
  • 18.0.1
  • Update to Chromium 64(patch for Spectre and Meltdown bug)
  • Added control to mute entire website
  • HDR support for Windows 10 users

Cambios para v17.0.6 - v17.0.8

  • Minor performance improvement.

Cambios para v17.0.2 - v17.0.6

  • Update language files
  • Fix a bug with youtube video downloader
  • Fix bug with toolbar customization dialog for french UI.

Cambios para v17.0.1 - v17.0.2

  • Update language files
  • Fix minor bugs.

Cambios para v15.1.2 - v15.1.3

  • Add drop down history for dedicated search box.

Cambios para v15.1.0 - v15.1.2

  • Fix bug: youtube video download button missing with new youtube layout.

Cambios para v15.0.5 - v15.1.0

  • New feature: "Record video from current tab" available from the main menu. You can access it quickly by adding the corresponding button onto the toolbar. It allows you to record whatever content in the current tab into a webm video file.
  • Fix AAC audio playback on some sites.

Cambios para v15.0.3 - v15.0.5

  • Added search box into side bookmark panel.
  • Save screenshot menu now saves the screenshot of the entire page instead of just visible portion
  • Updated Ukranian language file
  • Bug fix: drop down menu from New Tab button no available under Mac

Cambios para v15.0.2 - v15.0.3

  • Fix bug with ad blocker.

Cambios para v15.0.1.0 - v15.0.2

  • Fix bug with language file manager
  • Fix bug with side bookmarks panel under linux.
  • Add "Add to Desktop" menu.

Cambios para v14.0.14 - v15.0.1.0

  • Fix bug with crash dump file generation.
  • Migrate to Chromium 59.

Cambios para v14.0.12 - v14.0.14

  • Fixed some issues with QuickFill form filler.

Cambios para v14.0.9.0 - v14.0.12

  • Fixed a bug with mp3 decoder
  • 14.0.11 (6/1/17)
  • Fixed a bug with download manager.
  • 14.0.10 (5/24/17)
  • Added support for Mp3 codec under Linux and Mac.

Cambios para v14.0.7.0 - v14.0.9.0

  • Fix bug: Can't set default browser under Linux
  • Fix bug: tab crash when playing some videos.
  • Fix bug: Can't launch on Mint 17.
  • (5/12/17)
  • Fix bug: Can't cast tab content to TV.

Cambios para v14.0.3.0 - v14.0.7.0

  • Fix bug: update checker incorrectly downloads Windows version on Linux and Mac
  • Fix bug: video playback.

Cambios para v11.0.7.0 - v11.0.8.0

  • Disabled auto-update of flash plugins for vista users to avoid compatibility issues. (Flash v23 or later doesn't support xp or vista)

Cambios para v11.0.3.0 - v11.0.4.0

  • Fix bug with display of bookmark bar under Linux
  • Fix bug with exit confirmation dialog.

Cambios para v6.0.8.0 - v7.0.4.0

  • (1/28/2016)
  • Fixed bug: unintended message boxes when updating ad blocker filter.
  • Fixed bug with playback of very short videos.
  • (1/26/2016)
  • Added support to download videos from and
  • A button with the tip "Download video from this page" will be shown at the right end of the omnibox if a downloadable video is detected on a web page. Click that button to download the video.
  • Added option to not to load background tabs when restoring tabs from last session. (Learn more)
  • The option is located under "On startup" section of the options pages. First select "Continue where you left off". Then select "Do not load backgound tabs when restoring tabs in last session.".
  • Added new option to automatically unload idle tabs when the number of tabs reaches the limit. The option is located under the section "Memory management" section of the options page. (Learn more)
  • (1/21/2016)
  • Added support to download facebook video.
  • Added option to hide profile switching button on Windows caption.
  • (1/12/2016)
  • Added support for Java.
  • (1/7/2016)
  • Migrated to Chromium 47.

Cambios para v6.0.4.0 - v6.0.8.0

  • Fixed a bug with tencent video playback.
  • Add integration support for Screencastify extension (Select "Record video from current tab" from the menu to install the extension).
  • Fixed a crash case with ad blocker.
  • Fixed a bug with turbocharged download manager.
  • (12/8/2015)
  • Update language files
  • Fix a couple of crash cases.
  • Disable "Eagleget downloader" extension due to compatibility issue.
  • (12/4/2015)
  • Update language files.
  • Fixed another bug with form filler.
  • (12/2/2015)
  • Make all the sections in the settings page collapsible for easier viewing.
  • Improved QuickFill Form filler.
  • Automatically reload current tab after allowing a plugin to run.
  • Show the number of blocked urls on the ad blocker button (hidden elements are not counted due to performance reason)
  • Misc bug fixes.

Cambios para v5.0.13.0 - v5.0.14.0

  • Update language files
  • Fix a bug with autofill.

Cambios para v5.0.12.0 - v5.0.13.0

  • Update language files.
  • Fix potential crash with turbocharged downloader
  • Fix potential crash with ad blocker
  • Fix bug: QuickFill doesn't prompt saving login information on Yahoo email.

Cambios para v5.0.9.0 - v5.0.10.0

  • Added option to change default maximum number of connections for turbocharged downloader
  • Fixed a bug in ad blocker related to element hiding.
  • Remember last save folder in turbocharged downloader confirmation dialog.

Cambios para v5.0.8.0 - v5.0.9.0

  • Added support for generating renderer dump files.
  • Added option to set turbocharged download manager as the default downloader (under Download section of the settings page).
  • Fixed more bugs with ad blocker.

Cambios para v5.0.4.0 - v5.0.6.0

  • Fixed crash when too many big ad block filter lists are selected.
  • Fixed a bug with interpretation of ad blocker rules.
  • Add support for subscribing additional filter lists with built-in ad blocker. (Check Ad Blocker Options dialog)
  • Fix more bugs with ad blocker.
  • Avoid blocking reading from html canvas for extension scripts
  • Revised QuickFill save form interface from info bar to a small dialog at the right bottom corner of the browser window.

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