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Historial de versiones para rebox.NET

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Cambios para v0.9.2.0 - v2.9.9.1

  • rebox.NET has had a complete re-write and 'face-lift'. Everything has been started again from scratch. The whole interface, options and controls have been changed and it's now quicker and easier to use. rebox.NET now supports multiple files and more control over audio processing.

Cambios para v2.0.3.0 - v2.0.4.0

  • * moved the audio analysis and gain control out of the configuration screen to the output screen to join the other audio related settings.
  • * decided against avi output and removed related routines - didn't want rebox.NET to become a video encoder.
  • * enabled installation of rebox.NET on windows xp due to having confirmation that it works as intended (thanks GB).
  • * corrected some information labels during output.
  • * output files will have an auto-increment number applied to the output filename if that already exists.
  • * slightly altered the button handling routines.
  • * updated FFMPEG: 2014-09-01 git-97b8809.

Cambios para v2.0.2.0 - v2.0.3.0

  • started adding code and routines to allow different output modes: mp4|ts
  • TS output added (to allow multi-channel ac3 audio on the PS3).
  • audio encode options now moved from configuration to output options screen.
  • tidied up some input|output dialog rotuines.
  • once again tweaked a possible button anomaly.

Cambios para v2.0.0.0 - v2.0.2.0

  • * possible parsing problems fixed that could arise on certain computers.
  • * fixed a possible button anomaly behaviour bug.
  • * added lots of country|culture|language aware amendments.
  • * changed the scan|output log routines and also added error checks.
  • * added error routines in key parsing areas to provide feedback.
  • * progress feedback and integer calculations safer and more error free.
  • * setting up of paths|files routines changed.

Cambios para v1.9.7.5 - v2.0.0.0

  • * altered the process thread feedback and progress routines to make them more error proof.
  • * fixed potential behaviour problems that could have arisen from some buttons.
  • * sorted out a few enable|disable of some controls during various routines.
  • * re-applied power save disable during any encoding of audio process.
  • * finished off the additional audio statistics routines and display.
  • * fixed potential crashes that could occur if input streams wern't video|audio|subtitle.
  • * added stuff for later versions, not yet enabled, hidden, expect more output formats ;-)

Cambios para v1.9.7.5 - v2 RC1 (

  • audio: changed and merged some of the option boxes.
  • audio: added volume analysis:
  • audio: can analyse the audio levels (to determine peak volume).
  • audio: included a 'non-standard' peak threshold analysis too.
  • added and changed many file|video|audio|subtitle checks.
  • altered some of the displays and feedback information.
  • fixed outstanding dialog display routines.
  • changed some fonts|sizes|scalings (for standard DPI 96).
  • changed some fonts|sizes|scalings (for non-standard DPI 120).
  • streamlined and tidied up a lot of stuff as usual.

Cambios para v1.9.7.0 - v1.9.7.5

  • ∙ fixed a possible input file parse error.
  • ∙ added a 'no duration' check.
  • ∙ added power save suspend|resume.
  • ∙ added a quick fix for those with none standard DPI settings:
  • ∙ added a DPI check and scaled down the font to prevent clipping.
  • ∙ changed start|stop button icon.
  • ∙ amended some timer code.
  • ∙ removed some useless checking code in the input and output routines.

Cambios para v1.9.5.0 - v1.9.7.0

  • re-wrote input file scan parsing routines.
  • changed and re-wrote some input check routines.
  • more robust and fail-safe when gathering file information.
  • now retrieves and displays more file and track information.
  • changed and added some different file and track information labels.
  • more selected track compatibility checking and notification.
  • changed and tightened up all extraction, encoding, and remuxing routines.
  • altered and included more process feedback.
  • fixed a 'temp' folder bug.
  • added output and temp folder checks.
  • tidied up some timers and code.
  • removed some outdated and obsolete code.
  • tidied up and streamlined all the dialog code.
  • fixed a 'temp' folder bug.
  • and surely others things that I've now forgot.
  • updated support programs:
  • mkvinfo v7.1.0 ('Good Love')
  • mkvextract v7.1.0 ('Good Love')
  • ffmpeg version N-65018-gad91bf8
  • MP4Box - GPAC version 0.5.1-DEV-rev5320

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