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Historial de versiones para Open Subtitles MKV Player

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Cambios para v4.6.0.0 - v4.7

  • MKV Player uses its built-in codecs when there is no better in the system.
  • A new video - VMR9 output.
  • Rotation of the screen: 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
  • New playback file formats as "webm" and "bik".

Cambios para v4.5 - v4.6.0.0

  • Fullscreen on 1-4 monior playback , you can view the video in fullscreen mode on TV connected to one of the four outputs, and work on a standard windows desktop at the same time.
  • Correct language switching (Windows Vista and 7).
  • Further memory and other resources reduction.
  • Faster start, not only the program, but also the movie.
  • Codecs download via LiveUpdate in Windows Vista and 7 improoved (not always necessary to run administrator mode) - NOTE: requires re-download or copy the codecs to the new directory.
  • Minimization does not stop the music.
  • Removed the old video converter built-in.
  • Cooperation with new ALLConverter PRO.

Cambios para v4.4.6.9 - v4.5

  • Ability to play videos directly from RAR files.
  • Improved support for subtitles.
  • New languages: Italian, Hungarian and Swedish.
  • Skins in PNG.
  • MPEG4 TRP Support.
  • Less memory usage.
  • Quick Launch.
  • Improved playback of FLV and MKV.

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