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Historial de versiones para NVIDIA GeForce Experience

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Cambios para v2.4.3.31 - v2.4.5.28

  • Bug fixes and quality improvements for GameStream.
  • Enables ShadowPlay desktop capture for notebooks without Optimus. Optimus support is in development.

Cambios para v2.4.3.22 - v2.4.3.31

  • Bug fixes for intermittent user accounts and application crash issues.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the NVIDIA Streamer Service to use excess CPU cycles on some PCs.

Cambios para v2.4.1.21 - v2.4.3.22

  • Bug fixes for intermittent user accounts and application crash issues.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the NVIDIA Streamer Service to use excess CPU cycles on some PCs.

Cambios para v2.2.2.0 - v2.4.1.21

  • GeForce Experience now keeps itself always up to date
  • New way to pair your PC and SHIELD using NVIDIA accounts
  • Remote GameStream now works without manual router configuration
  • Bug fixes

Cambios para v2.1.5.0 - v2.2.2.0

  • Game optimizations now supports NVIDIA Multi-Frame Anti-aliasing mode
  • Improves audio-video sync for ShadowPlay videos
  • Fixes a bug where ShadowPlay desktop capture option is not shown
  • Fixes stuttering in some ShadowPlay videos
  • ShadowPlay video files now use regionalized date formatting
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Cambios para v2.1.4.0 - v2.1.5.0

  • New option to join the GeForce Experience beta program
  • We'll be frequently releasing beta builds of GeForce Experience ahead of public release
  • To join the program, enable the option under Preferences –> General –> Beta
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Cambios para v2.1.3.0 - v2.1.4.0

  • Adds support for PC streaming to SHIELD devices with Android Lollipop
  • Improves stability and fixes several driver installation bugs
  • Adds GameStream support for several Unity-based games

Cambios para v2.1.2.0 - v2.1.3.0

  • Adds support for battery optimized games settings
  • Makes games run longer when playing on battery
  • Per-game adjustable settings for plugged-in and battery mode
  • Automatically applies battery settings when unplugged and optimal settings when plugged-in
  • Requires GeForce GTX 800M or GeForce GTX 900M series GPUs

Cambios para v2.1.1.1 - v2.1.2.0

  • Adds Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) mode for GeForce GTX 900 series GPUs
  • Adds 4K ShadowPlay recording for GeForce GTX 900 series GPUs
  • Improves ShadowPlay performance of SLI configurations (requires 344.11 driver)
  • Adds wired PC controller support for SHIELD wireless controller. See the FAQ for more details

Cambios para v2.1.1.0 - v2.1.1.1

  • Improves GameStream stability and connectivity.

Cambios para v2.0.0.0 - v2.1.0.0

  • ShadowPlay
  • Adds in-game framerate counter
  • Shadow Mode can now be used with desktop capture
  • Adds push-to-talk functionality
  • Extends capture resolution up to 2560 x 1600
  • Improved audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premier
  • Improved Twitch streaming stability
  • ShadowPlay on/off state now persists across self-update
  • General
  • Improves self-update installation speed
  • Various bug fixes

Cambios para v1.8.2.0 - v2.0.0.0

  • ShadowPlay
  • Adds support for GeForce GTX notebooks
  • GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs supported
  • Adds support for desktop capture
  • Requires latest GeForce driver
  • Requires Aero mode enabled
  • Desktop GPUs only
  • Adds native 1920 × 1200 capture
  • Alt-tab will pause instead of terminate recordings
  • Video folders are now created when a video is saved instead of at game launch
  • Adds advanced quality options for Twitch streaming
  • Twitch streams will automatically be tagged with game name
  • Twitch streams now retain capture aspect ratio
  • Pause and resume broadcast
  • Fixes password handling bugs
  • Fixes bug where on-screen indicator cannot be disabled
  • Improves microphone audio quality
  • GameStream
  • Wake on LAN support: remotely wake up your PC from sleep mode
  • Remote Login support: login to a locked PC remotely from SHIELD
  • Manually add games to your GameStream list
  • Go to Preferences –> GameStream
  • Remote streaming support (beta): stream your PC games to SHIELD from outside your home
  • Notebook GameStream support (beta)
  • GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs supported
  • Bug Fixes
  • Various stability and bug fixes

Cambios para v1.1.0.0 - v1.8.2.0

  • This release improves stability, fixes driver installation bugs, and adds new features for ShadowPlay.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes "Installation is corrupt" bug when attempting to install a new driver
  • Fixes incorrect reporting of the PC's monitor resolution
  • Fixes an issue where log files consume excessive disk space over time
  • ShadowPlay
  • Adds option to change the directory of the ShadowPlay buffer
  • Fixes missing audio when playing in 5.1 surround mode
  • Adds 30 FPS recording option
  • Adds custom bit rate control
  • Adds output resolution control
  • Adds microphone on push function
  • GameStream
  • Improved streaming stability and quality of service

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