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Historial de versiones para NextPVR (Portable 64-bit)

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Cambios para v5.0.6.200614 - v5.0.7.200726

  • Now remembering the channel group for the popup Channels window in NextPVR.exe
  • Added -removehistory to NScriptHelper
  • Added work around for IPTV providers incorrectly reporting the TS mime type as video/m2ts
  • Added a fix for IPTV provider incorrectly setting the mime type of gzipped xmltv listings
  • Added support for group="" attribute with extras channels
  • Added support for extras that return a url, rather than a stream via stdout
  • Added 'CC' button in the web app player, which can be used for viewing North American style closed captions. (DVB Subtitles support will be added later)
  • Added support for genre info with the DVB EPG on linux
  • Larger controls in web app player page.
  • Extras can now return a URL, and have NextPVR take care of the streaming
  • HTTP streams will no longer repeatedly try to connect if stream returns 401/403 error codes
  • HTTP stream connections will give up after 40 retries, instead of endlessly retrying
  • Slight changes to the recording/watched api for Kodi.
  • Improved support for scroll bars in TV Guide when using Safari browser
  • Improvements to the DVB drop time setting
  • Updated runtime included with Windows builds, to resolve Microsoft security issue related to xml parsing
  • Removed OnSleep/OnResume logic that was added a couple of releases ago. It has caused issues for too many people.
  • Fixed a power management issue with NextPVRTray.exe, where it wasn't stopping machines being manually put into standby while recording
  • Fixed issue blaster lock for HDPVR/Colossus style devices.
  • Fixed an exception that could happen in NextPVR.exe
  • Fixed a problem with NextPVRTray.exe not keeping a machine awake while recording, where user explicitly requested sleep
  • Fixed issue where NextPVR could try to connect to Schedules Direct after password had been blanked out.
  • Fixed issue with HDHomeRun DVB EPG
  • Fixed issue where North American style Closed Captions weren't working in NextPVR.exe
  • Fixed issue with application crashing if it encountered a corrupt client store file
  • Fixed issue with auto transcode

Cambios para v5.0.4.200428 - v5.0.6.200614

  • Restored screen saver to nextpvr.exe
  • Added 'download' function in web app
  • Added a 'login failed' log message, which reports the address of the client that failed to login
  • Added merge/unmerge tools to Advanced Tools dropdown
  • Changed MCE remote mapping of 'info' button to stop an error messages
  • Improvements to scrolling tv guide page on iphone/ipad
  • Improvements to the speed the recordings page is loaded
  • Removed a dependency in the web app which was being downloaded from cloudflare
  • Search screen now makes it clear when no matches could be found
  • Minor tweaks to tray application (bug fixes, and the ability to point it at another server)
  • Fixed an issue SAT>IP DVB-C tuning
  • Fixed issue with scripthelper "-rename" function
  • Fixed issue with trying to clear out schedules direct username/password in web app
  • Fixed an issue with loading cached EPG info in recordings where formatting wasn't exactly as expected
  • Fixed a not-implemented exception in video playback in nextpvr.exe.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when channel name could not be found
  • Fixed a situation where artwork was not being loaded
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a locked database, and errors with later operations that need the database, like recordings etc.
  • Fixed an issue with the Resume functionality
  • Fixed an issue with legacy HDHR scanning/tuning
  • Fixed issue with how NextPVR handles Schedules Direct artwork not being available.
  • Fixed an issue with playing in-progress recordings in nextpvr.exe
  • Fixed an issue where EPG update could kick off earlier than the configured time.
  • Fixed issue where channels with duplicate channel numbers wouldn't show listings on the Channels page of the web app
  • Further improvements to IPTV support
  • Fixed UK compatibility issue with DVB EPG with HDHR/SAT>IP devices
  • Removed some logging messages that contained credentials

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