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Historial de versiones para NextPVR (Mac)

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Cambios para v5.0.5.200518 - v5.0.6.200614

  • Restored screen saver to nextpvr.exe
  • Added 'download' function in web app
  • Added a 'login failed' log message, which reports the address of the client that failed to login
  • Added merge/unmerge tools to Advanced Tools dropdown
  • Changed MCE remote mapping of 'info' button to stop an error messages
  • Improvements to scrolling tv guide page on iphone/ipad
  • Improvements to the speed the recordings page is loaded
  • Removed a dependency in the web app which was being downloaded from cloudflare
  • Search screen now makes it clear when no matches could be found
  • Minor tweaks to tray application (bug fixes, and the ability to point it at another server)
  • Fixed an issue SAT>IP DVB-C tuning
  • Fixed issue with scripthelper "-rename" function
  • Fixed issue with trying to clear out schedules direct username/password in web app
  • Fixed an issue with loading cached EPG info in recordings where formatting wasn't exactly as expected
  • Fixed a not-implemented exception in video playback in nextpvr.exe.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when channel name could not be found
  • Fixed a situation where artwork was not being loaded
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a locked database, and errors with later operations that need the database, like recordings etc.
  • Fixed an issue with the Resume functionality
  • Fixed an issue with legacy HDHR scanning/tuning
  • Fixed issue with how NextPVR handles Schedules Direct artwork not being available.
  • Fixed an issue with playing in-progress recordings in nextpvr.exe
  • Fixed an issue where EPG update could kick off earlier than the configured time.
  • Fixed issue where channels with duplicate channel numbers wouldn't show listings on the Channels page of the web app
  • Further improvements to IPTV support
  • Fixed UK compatibility issue with DVB EPG with HDHR/SAT>IP devices
  • Removed some logging messages that contained credentials

Cambios para v5.0.4.200428 - v5.0.5.200518

  • Added 'download channels icon' button, which can download icons from SD and XMLTV.
  • Preloading SD channel line ups at startup, for slight quicker access in Settings->Guide page.
  • Windows service now aware of suspend/wakeup power events.
  • Now restarting digital tuner on resume in Windows.
  • Faster loading time for recording list in web app
  • Increased the time digital device scans would wait for LCN data. Also honors drop time setting for those needing to wait even longer.
  • Added support for IPTV services requiring XC login to import channels
  • Improvements to security
  • DVB EPG will now give unique id to each part of multi-part season/episode numbers found
  • Fixed issue were scanning page would repeat the same request over and over if the backend was stopped
  • Fixed issue that could lead to gaps in the DVB EPG.
  • Fixed installer bug, which would lead to install getting stuck
  • Fixed a genre bug with Emby client
  • Fixed issue with locator service on Docker
  • Fixed issue with HDHR legacy scan
  • Fixed an issue with the auto conversion logic
  • Removed some unnecessary logging

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