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Historial de versiones para NetLimiter 4

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Cambios para v4.0.8.0 - v4.0.10.0

  • New features
  • Priorities
  • Rule scheduler (accessible from Rule Editor)
  • NetLimiter 4 settings are now saved on the fly, so there should be no unsaved settings after system restart
  • New Blocker request window (creates temporary rules etc.)
  • New Rule Direction: Both (In/Out).
  • New Activity tabs - All, Online, Offline, Hidden
  • Several new traffic statistics in Stats like 24-hour histogram etc.
  • Low-level limiting fine-tuning
  • Bug fixes
  • Possible service deadlock
  • DNS host name resolution crash
  • Disordered nodes in Activity view
  • Possible driver crashed fixed.
  • Lots of minor GUI changes.

Cambios para v4.0.6.0 - v4.0.8.0

  • New features
  • Sorting of Activity columns.
  • Columns in activity can be moved now.
  • Automatic and custom byte units in Activity. Each column can have its own units.
  • Two WiFi networks can be compared only by their name now.
  • Two opened Activity windows can now be configured separately - columns, byte units, node names, sorting etc.
  • Stats: Three new charts – sorting and displaying values by time, upload and download.
  • Stats: Brand-new time selection a filter tree.
  • Stats: Animated chart loading progress – you don't have to wait for long operations to complete.
  • Stats: All data are now stored to database with user id. Right now, there is no user interface to view it but it will be added in next release.
  • Bug fixes
  • Possible NetLimiter GUI crash in case of huge number of connections.
  • Sometimes connections shown separately instead under it's application.
  • Traffic filters for application shown in right place in Activity view now.

Cambios para v4.0.5.0 - v4.0.6.0

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Reshaped traffic chart
  • Several small bug fixies.
  • New features:
  • Stats manager
  • Registration. It's possible now to enter registration name and code into NetLimiter.

Cambios para v4.0.4.0 Beta - v4.0.5.0

  • Traffic chart
  • Remote connect allowing the user to connect to other machine running NetLimiter and configure it. On the remote machine, tcp listening must be allowed in Tools->Options->Service->General.
  • Permission Editor - add or remove right to Control or Monitor NetLimiter for a specific user or group.

Cambios para v4.0.3.0 Beta - v4.0.4.0 Beta

  • Bugs fixed:
  • Firewall Deny action not working from the firewall request window. Fixed.
  • New features:
  • Stats module. The first version. We have to integrate it more tightly with the rest of the GUI, polish it and add few more features yet.
  • Version checker.
  • The GUI was redesigned internally so adding new modules is easier now.
  • The NetLimiter GUI application connects to the NetLimiter service asynchronously now.

Cambios para v4.0.2.0 - v4.0.3.0 Beta

  • System crash during NetLimiter 4 Service shutdown. Fixed.
  • Occasional system crash when Up and Down limits were enabled simultaneously. Fixed.
  • System crash when firewall ASK rule for incoming connecion in action. Fixed.
  • Other system crash. Our testing machine crashing under the following circumstances: System shutdown, Skype.exe shutdown, Skype creating connection. Possibly reproducible under other unspecified conditions. Fixed.
  • Possible system crash when establishing tcp connection fixed. Possible problem fixed.
  • NetLimiter service failed to start due to corrupted configuration file. Fixed.
  • Several other minor bugs. Fixed.

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