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Historial de versiones para MyPhoneExplorer

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Cambios para v1.8.9 - v1.8.11

  • - fixed compatibility with Thunderbird 60
  • - fixed sync issue with Outlook after Windows Update 1809

Cambios para v1.8.6 - 1.8.6 (new ad free version)

  • Removed all ad-screens from the setup of MyPhoneExplorer

Cambios para v1.8.5 - v1.8.6

  • •Notifications of the phone will be shown on the PC, on Android 4.3 and newer you can also delete and push the notifications
  • •Access to the clipboard of the phone (Menu-EXtras-Clipboard...)
  • •New supported fields for contacts: Alias, Preferred phone number and contact ringtone
  • •Better contact list, all used phone number types will be shown as column
  • •Contact sync with Fritzbox
  • •MyPhoneExplorer is shown in the Autoplay dialog when the device is connected via USB
  • •New feature in "Control phone", the mouse cursor can be mirrored now directly on the phone
  • •Better WiFi discovers, works now throught standard-UPnP
  • •More details about the phone in "Monitor"
  • •Copy&Paste in the Appointment- and Tasklist
  • •Users are shown in the sidebar, you can directly connect to a device using rightclick
  • •Full access to the external sdcard on Android KitKat is now possible, but only if the phone is attached via USB
  • •Many small changes and bugfixes

Cambios para v1.8.3 - v1.8.4

  • Some serious bugs of version 1.8.3 fixed

Cambios para v1.8.2 - v1.8.3

  • Bidirektional filesync with the phone
  • Join contacts (select 2-5 contacts -> rightclick and in the sync confirmation window)
  • Sync with Outlook is faster and without security alert (NOT for Outlook 64bit), you can select multiple Outlook calendars to sync
  • Sync with Lotus Notes: more fields, rule exceptions are supported
  • Filebrowser enhanced (new: move and rename files, better management of the external storage)
  • Revised contact-edit-window
  • some changes in the calendar GUI
  • print feature for calls
  • enhanced "Control phone"
  • Ping-SMS does work for all phones (earlier versions only HTC)
  • some smaller changes and many bugfixes

Cambios para v1.8.0 - v1.8.1

  • Some changes for Android-based phones:
  • Bluetooth-Support
  • WiFi-Connection can be protected with a optional PIN-Code
  • possibility to enter the IP-Address manually to overide network problems
  • Access to Contact-Groups
  • Contact-accounts and calendars are displayed
  • Download installed apps throught Backup-wizzard
  • fixed many bugs

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