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Historial de versiones para Media Player Classic

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Cambios para v6.4.9.1 (20081005) - v6.4.9.1 (20081115)

  • FLV splitter: Added support for FLV files that contain H.264 video and AAC audio
  • FLV splitter: fixed seeking on files with incorrect metadata
  • MPC: some minor changes

Cambios para v6.4.9.1 (20080414) - v6.4.9.1 (20080612)

  • MPC: Added revision number to About dialog.
  • MPC: Updated libpng

Cambios para v6.4.9.1 (20080308) - v6.4.9.1 (20080414)

Cambios para v6.4.9.1 (20071206) Beta - v6.4.9.1 (20080104) Beta

  • MPC: The INITIAL value of the setting "Auto-load subtitles" will now default to OFF when DirectVobSub is detected as installed and to ON when DirectVobSub is not found.
  • MPC: Restored the subtitle database functionality and updated it with a working URL.
  • MPC: various small changes.

Cambios para v6.4.9.0 - v6.4.9.1 (20071206) Beta

  • FLV splitter: Recognize ADPCM audio.
  • FLV splitter: Recognize Nellymoser audio.
  • MPC: Tweaked priorities in DirectShow source filter enumeration. Behavior now better matches that of GraphEdit.
  • MPC: Remember active shaders.
  • MPC: Added two sharpen shaders.
  • AVI splitter: Support .amv files.
  • MPC: Default to VMR9 renderer on Vista.
  • MPC: Fixed crash in "Save Thumbnails" function when the number of rows/columns is set to a value greater than 8 (the maximum allowed).
  • MPC: Allow usage of a disabled internal source filter when no other suitable filter is available.
  • Updated FAAD2 to version 2.6
  • Bento4 0.9.3
  • faad2 2.6b
  • dtsdec 0.0.2
  • libmad 0.15.1b
  • libpng 1.2.20
  • zlib 1.2.3
  • MPEG decoder: progressive frames fix
  • MPEG decoder: dsutil interlaced fix v2
  • MPEG splitter: recognize AVCHD ac3 audio
  • MPEG splitter: subpin bugfix
  • dtsac3 source: support DD+
  • VSFilter: clipbug v3 patch
  • VSFilter: fax fay v2 patch
  • VSFilter: fontname length patch
  • VSFilter: floatpos patch
  • FLV splitter: parsing fixes
  • AVI splitter: fixed two vulnerabilities
  • FLIC source: fixed vulnerability
  • MPC: ffdshow queue support (1015/1222)
  • MPC: removed subtitle database stuff
  • MPC: Disable monitor powersaving during playback on Windows Vista
  • MPC: auto-load subtitles option now also applies to embedded subs
  • MPC: added the following extensions to formats list: .divx .hdmov .rmm
  • MPC: added two shaders: Levels (16-235 -> 0-255) and nightvision effect
  • MPC: changed the default values of some settings
  • MPC: Better looking icon
  • Incremented a few version numbers

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