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Historial de versiones para K-Meleon

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Cambios para v75.0 - v75.1

  • Update to Gecko 31.8
  • Chg: moved bmpmenu into core, plugin bmpmenu now is only used for compatibility with older skins using menuicons.cfg
  • Chg: using gecko favicon cache
  • Chg: improved autocomplete result display
  • Add: allow function declaration in macros
  • Add: macro function date(format[, time]).
  • Add: macro function download(url, path[, function]).
  • Add: kmeleon.display.urlbar_fontsize (multiplier, default is 1)
  • Add: "copy link text" in context menu.
  • Add: "URLBar" menu to customize the context menu of the url bar.
  • Fix: various minor memory leaks
  • Fix: losing sessions when disk full
  • Fix: last session could stop being saved after a while
  • Fix: video/animation staying still when switching tab

Cambios para v74 - v75.0

  • New
  • Mozilla 31 backend.
  • New skin and toolbar implementation
  • Spellcheck
  • Improved
  • Improved sessions storage
  • New JsBridge/macros functions
  • Fixed
  • See the changelog for details.

Cambios para v74.0 Beta 4 - v74 RC

  • Fixed freeze when resizing browser.
  • Fixed shutdown (sometimes it could silently crash)
  • Added restore_on_demand for sessions
  • Fixed search engines and gestures action in preferences
  • Fixed icon cache when the icon is not on the same domain.
  • Fixed crash that could be caused by plugin
  • Fixed skin.js not used
  • Fixed grayed selection, impossible to copy/scroll
  • Fixed tab order with session
  • Fixed random crash at startup
  • Fixed crash with flash
  • Fixed various locale bugs
  • Fixed copy image and some other minor issues
  • Fixed default language set by installer

Cambios para v1.6.0 Beta 2.4 - v74.0 Beta 3

  • French and german included
  • A lot of small fixes
  • Bookmarks should work better
  • Flash uses less cpu
  • Made a quick implementation of the type ahead finder, if it causes you trouble you can deactivate it with accessibility.typeaheadfind

Cambios para v1.6.0 Beta - v1.6.0 Beta 2

  • engine: Mozilla Gecko (from Seamonkey)
  • kmprefs: some fixes and new option added; Browsing -> Finding Websites -> Search Button (tab)
  • macros: Some macro little fixing; Some changes in main.kmm to Search Button functionality. Modified accel.kmm macro to delete browser versions. Added troubleshooting.kmm macro only for Beta versions; Help -> Troubleshooting -> Check Priviledge.
  • misc: Others fixes, updates and includes; Firefox 3.5 and Seamonkey 2.0 User Agent strings updated. Secure icon modified (the padlock in the status bar), less bright colors. Modified menus.cfg and fixed mtypes.kmm. Changed accel.cfg: Backspace -> Nav_Back, to Shift+Backspace -> Nav_Back Added spellcheker support (partially because kplugin need updated). Fixed about:about. Changes in SetDefault.exe and Installer to add registry entries needed to Vista/Seven registred browser and set default browser.

Cambios para v1.5.4 - v1.6.0 Beta

  • What's new
  • Support full zoom and default zoom (zoom.defaultPercent).
  • @SHistory, @SHistoryBack, @SHistoryForward menus. (You can use basic History without kplugin)
  • Transparency support for menu icons.
  • InjectJS now return the result of the script (when applicable).
  • Support for flashblock.whitelist.
  • kmeleon.tabs.bottom replaced by kmeleon.tabs.position which can take the following value: band (default), vtop, top, bottom.
  • Detailed changelog for K-Meleon 1.6 Beta:
  • engine: Mozilla Gecko
  • chrome: Adapted for new Gecko 1.9.x work. Included last Flashblock and Console2 versions.
  • kmprefs: Adapted for new Gecko 1.9.x and new options added;
  • GUI Appearence -> Toolbars -> General: Hide toolbars line
  • GUI Appearence -> Toolbars -> Tab Bar: Display tab bar
  • Page Display -> General: Default Zoom
  • Page Display -> Languages
  • Page Display -> Content Filters: Flashblock options, CSS Ad-blocking (Edit... button)
  • Browsing -> Window Diversion: Page Properties Diversion
  • Browsing -> Window Diversion: Help menu
  • File Handling -> General: Save As option
  • macros: Some macro little fixing;
  • 'Copy Link' context menu option now copy mail links without "mailto:" at begin if you have macros enabled.
  • misc: Updates and includes;
  • Search engines updated.
  • CSS Ad-Block updated.
  • K-Meleon Quick Reference included in Edit -> Configuration -> Commands List and default Bookmarks.
  • K-Meleon Extensions web pages included in default Bookmarks.
  • Edit -> Page Search -> Find As You Type, is now disabled by default.
  • Firefox 3.5 and Seamonkey 2.0 User Agent strings updated.
  • Show broken images; usercontent.css
  • 7z packet include xpcom_core.dll modified for portable.
  • Secure icon changed (the padlock in the status bar) and updated file asociated icons.
  • TODO
  • Fix viewsource for console2, pending ...
  • Locales, waiting to build a Beta for start translations.
  • Installer, update pending for setdefault Vista & Seven.
  • Fix about:about not load, but load chrome://global/content/aboutAbout.html
  • BUGS
  • Crash when using the scrollbar with the gestures plugin enabled.
  • Bookmarks plugins doesn't yet support alpha transparency, and I don't think it will in this release.
  • Typeaheadfind not working with gecko 1.9.2.

Cambios para v1.5.3 - v1.5.4

  • It improves security and Windows Vista/Seven compatibility.
  • Currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish.
  • Update to latest Mozilla code with some bug fixes.

Cambios para v1.5.2 - v1.5.3

  • some bug fixes.

Cambios para v1.5.1 - v1.5.2

  • K-Meleon
  • 1029 K-meleon fails to exit when np-mswmp.dll is invoked
  • 1049 Show page URL instead of "Loading..." when loading title disabled RFE
  • 1051 K-Meleon 1.5.X lost some functionality respected to 1.1.X
  • 1052 In textarea, Delete menu doesn't work on selected text
  • 1057 Middle click acceleration steps too near
  • 1058 When select View Source in about:blank page, source window load source.
  • 1061 K-Meleon does not exit properly
  • 1074 Icons do not show when using the 'confirm' macro statement
  • Plugin - Bookmark
  • 1062 Button "»" at the right in Bookmarks toolbar isn't showed without restart K-Meleon.
  • Plugin - Fullscreen
  • 1046 Bottom tab bar not hidden in fullscreen mode
  • Plugin - Macros
  • 1050 plugin() function doesn't work (was "Clear All" privacy option not work.)

Cambios para v1.5.0 - v1.5.1

  • Update to Gecko
  • Updated NewsFox to
  • Fixed bugs

Cambios para v1.5.0 RC - v1.5.0

  • Add: #719 Session Resume For Windows w/Navigation History
  • Add: #920 Tabs support
  • Add: #946 Toggle flashblock and 'css adblock' when running
  • Add: #999 32 bits bitmap support for toolbars.
  • Add: #1001 Add support for middle click in toolbar and menu
  • Add: #735 Rearrange/reorder tabs via drag and drop
  • Add: #258 RFE: Drag & Drop links to other tab
  • Fix: #6 Non-latin1 characters in menu.
  • Fix: #226 Non-latin1 characters don't show in title, menu or toolbar
  • Fix: #300 No frame-popup with iframe
  • Fix: #585 "wyciwyg" in urlbar and title bar
  • Fix: #631 National characters in URL not supported
  • Fix: #701 ID_EDIT_CLEAR and ID_EDIT_UNDO
  • Fix: #749 Bug in file paths containing non-ascii chars
  • Fix: #846 Some changes from about:config aren't kept by K-Meleon
  • Fix: #862 Middle-clicks trigger context menu
  • Fix: #881 wrong URL displayed after undo close tab
  • Fix: #900 "Open" command in download dialog ignores setting in mimeTypes
  • Fix: #902 URL Bar text color incorrect
  • Fix: #911 Error in settings window of Russian UI
  • Fix: #917 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error [Icon cache corruption]
  • Fix: #918 Ctrl + A in url bar
  • Fix: #919 -profilesDir $appdata creates folder "KMeleon" instead of "K-Meleon"
  • Fix: #925 Keyboard support in Open/Save-Prompt
  • Fix: #954 URL bar word break on space characters
  • Fix: #1008 JavaScript method window.home() broken
  • Fix: #1016 Wrong http_referer sent in frameset page
  • Fix: #924 Use link text for title when adding a link to bookmarks
  • Fix: #541 Toggling Fullscreen Within Layers
  • Fix: #395 multiple monitors: selecting bg layers makes app move
  • Fix: #617 Layer toolbar blocked - can't select a layer button anymore
  • Fix: #828 Continuous Reload macro makes another window's layer inaccessible
  • Fix: #848 Layer toolbar popup is only for current layer
  • Fix: #932 Window disappears after switching layers quickly
  • Fix: #972 Opening a new layer creates a new entry in the task bar that quickly disappears
  • Fix: #809 Macros: Comparison ops - numbers compared as strings
  • Fix: #1003 Crash when clearing address bar history on shutdown
  • Fix: #1000 Keyboard navigation in menu doesn't work
  • Fix: #826 Skipping a pressed button's popup menu unpresses the button
  • KmPrefs: Replace native preferences panel.
  • KmPrefs: Detailed font settings.
  • KmPrefs: More detailed network/performance settings.
  • KmPrefs: Add/edit user-defined proxy configurations.
  • KmPrefs: Cosmetic correction for WinXP/Luna.
  • Overall updates to macros and configuration files.
  • Improved translation macro.

Cambios para v1.5.0 Beta 2 - v1.5.0 RC

  • Updated to Gecko!
  • The 1.5RC fix the backspace accelerator, and some other things related to the tab bar.

Cambios para v1.1.5 - v1.1.6

  • Updated to Gecko!

Cambios para v1.1.4 - v1.1.5

  • Update to latest Gecko engine

Cambios para v1.1.2 (update) - v1.1.3

  • K-Meleon 1.1.3, an update to the gecko engine was released. It includes a new automatic release checker (if you don't like this you can disable it in the plugin preferences).

Cambios para v1.1 - v1.1.2 (update)

  • Update to latest mozilla code
  • Bug fixes

Cambios para v1.1 RC2 - v1.1

  • Mozilla backend.
  • Default accels/menus/macros upgradable.
  • Modular macros, easy to install.
  • Full localization support.
  • Session Saver plugin (not with layers).
  • Possibility to open a new instance.
  • See the changelog for details.
  • Customization of search engines/mouse gestures/proxies.
  • Overall improvements for macros and menus.
  • Dialog UI.
  • Cookie permissions and password support.
  • See the changelog for details.
  • Lot of bugs

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