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Historial de versiones para JLC's Internet TV

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Cambios para v1.1.0 - v1.2.1

  • Minor fixes
  • In category list (remove some numbers that should not be there)
  • It is now possible to watch channels that use flash or other formats
  • It's added a new tab that lets you select categories
  • It's added a new column with the language, in the channel list
  • The fagging is now more detailed. "wrong information" now is split into seven new topics
  • No channels will be added before they are approved by our moderators
  • In this way we avoid the problem of the channels that do not work will be added

Cambios para v1.1 Beta 6 - v1.1.0

  • Option to use VLC's ActiveX plugin to play all streams
  • Option to open NSV streams in Winamp
  • The ability to view and test submitted updates for a channel and help reviewing them
  • Easier access for blind people:
  • Watch the selected channel by pressing Enter
  • Open menu for the selected channel with the Application key

Cambios para v1.1 Beta 5 - v1.1 Beta 6

  • Minor fixes
  • Limit channel update to once per day (to save bandwith)
  • Ability to use variables in stream (like #YYYY #YY #MM #DD) for channels that has a dynamic address.
  • More informative statusbar

Cambios para v1.1 Beta 4 - v1.1 Beta 5

  • Redesigned the settings window
  • Option to select which categories to recieve
  • Improved rating system (easier to find popular channels)
  • Option to remember last visited country
  • Fixed porn channels (no need to open any webpages)
  • Fixed language reset on update

Cambios para v1.1 Beta 3 - v1.1 Beta 4

  • Changes to the list is also stored locally
  • Subscribe to adult content (50+ channels)
  • Bug fixes

Cambios para v1.0 - v1.1 Beta 1

  • The users are now in total control of the online database
  • Users can now rate and submit channels
  • Nice icons in the menus
  • Better-looking start screen
  • Multilingual support
  • Windows Vista UAC compatibility (hopefully)
  • Compatibility with portable devices (/portable)
  • Faster-responding user interface
  • Column widths are now remembered

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