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Historial de versiones para MyDefrag (JkDefrag)

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Cambios para v3.36 - v4.0

  • Deleted the SetPalette() setting and added the SetColor() and SetFileColor() settings.
  • Added Estonian translation.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • The "$BadClus:$Bad:$DATA" file on NTFS disks is no longer listed in the logfile in the "These items could not be moved", "These items are fragmented", and "The 25 largest items on disk" lists.
  • Fixed a bug in the graphics code for drawing files on the diskmap. If a file spanned more than 2 lines on the display then the top line (the end of the file) would always be drawn all the way to the right side of the display.

Cambios para v3.34 - v3.36

  • Reverted back to an old Microsoft Screensaver library. The 2008 compiler has a library that is incompatible with Windows XP ("The procedure entry point ChangeWindowMessageFilter could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll").
  • Fixed a problem with extremely long path names.

Cambios para v3.33 - v3.34

  • Re-fixed the "DisableDefaults" bug.
  • Partial undo of the change that uses the mountpoint of a volume. It was causing problems during the automatic scanning for disks to be defragmented.
  • Pushed the "Zone calculation" messages down to debug level 4.
  • Fixed the VisualC example project.

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