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Historial de versiones para iTALC

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Cambios para v2.0.0 - v2.0.1

  • UI:
  • RemoteControlWidget: display plain username if full name is not provided
  • RemoteControlWidget: send user update request earlier
  • Fixed unneccessary delay when stopping screen lock or fullscreem demo
  • Do not hide taskbar when locking screen
  • ItalcCore/PasswordDialog: beautified password dialog and added manage button
  • IMC: improved description for full screen poll checkbox
  • IMC: better handling of silent/quiet operation mode
  • Doc/AutomatedSetupWithIMC.txt: mention silent operation mode
  • Core stability/performance:
  • ItalcVncConnection: fixed race condition which lead to frequent master application crashes
  • ItalcVncConnection: reorganized and improved main loop
  • ItalcVncConnection: fixed minor memory leak
  • Use MinGW ANSI stdio support on Win32 to support various older Windows installations
  • DemoServer: various performance optimizations
  • DemoServer/Win32: less delay between idle updates
  • DemoServer/Win32: use bigger shm segments to allow fullscreen updates
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: fixed log level for SockConnect()
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: do not try to add tray icon at all
  • Build related:
  • Fixed build failure on platforms other than x86 and x86_64
  • libvncclient: minor tunings
  • ItalcCore/LocalSystem: include unistd.h if available to fix build error on recent systems
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: manually implement secure string functions
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: skip dead code and initialize global variables
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: removed duplicate typedefs
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: fixed various issues remarked by cppcheck
  • ICA/VncServer/Win32: fixed DllMain declaration for vnchooks.dll
  • NSIS installer: include libpng15-15.dll
  • Fixed various compiler warnings
  • Compatibility fixes for recent versions of MinGW64 runtime
  • CMakeLists: fixed dist target
  • Internationalization:
  • Added support for languages written right-to-left
  • Added Arabic localization file
  • Added Hebrew localization file (incomplete)
  • Added Hungarian localization file
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese localization file
  • Updated Russian localization file
  • 3rdparty:
  • libvncclient/libvncserver: updated to current Git HEAD
  • miniLZO: updated to version 2.06
  • Misc:
  • ItalcVncConnection, ItalcCoreConnection: added various signals for 3rdparty applications
  • Added manpage for iTALC Management Console

Cambios para v1.0.12 - v1.0.13

  • fixes serious memory leak when running iTALC master

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