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Historial de versiones para DVD-lab PRO

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Cambios para v2.5 Beta - v2.5.1 (update)

  • Bug fix:
  • chapter VM commands
  • skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
  • chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
  • title buttons
  • Domain Stream Source Flag in Properties
  • Few Compiler/Subpicture fixes

Cambios para v2.35 (update) - v2.5 Beta

  • Bug fix:
  • chapter VM commands
  • skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
  • chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
  • title buttons

Cambios para v2.34 (update) - v2.35 (update)

  • chapter VM commands
  • skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
  • chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
  • title buttons

Cambios para v2.33 (update) - v2.34 (update)

  • Added Override button in Root VM Command to Override Default link of the AL. This way you can make any other menu the "Root" or inject some additional code within the AL with VM Objects

Cambios para v2.32 - v2.33 (update)

  • Fixed the Black color bug in 2.32 (black in subtitles and subpicture was by error replaced by a default color)

Cambios para v2.3 - v2.32

  • Support for *.aif extension for people who can't use *.aiff extension (some windows software refuse to write *.aiff and allow only *.aif)
  • added alternative audio channel in Slideshow (Settings tab)
  • Create IMG file after compilling (option in Compile dialog). Alternative creation of IMG file with 2048 (normal), 2054 and 2064 byte block, the later is currently being tested with some replicators as a vehicle for ftp image to plant
  • Enhanced editing of bitmap images and buttons directly from menu (painting color and transparency)

Cambios para v2.28 (update) - v2.3

  • All cummulative changes in one full installation package

Cambios para v2.27 (update) - v2.28 (update)

  • Fixed the ability to support more than 255 menus in a single VTS (up to 640 menus). Previously AI would not write double BYTE command into VM which was necessary for linking menus higher than 255 in VTS
  • FIX: If start Debugging from the VTS Root, it will show "unknow link" on any LINKPGCN commands

Cambios para v2.26 (update) - v2.27 (update)

  • Subtitles Mapping verification if the subtitles maps to existing subtitle track
  • Subtitles Track Deletion now checks if there is no residual mapping in other tracks to the deleted track
  • Reverted back the External Subpictures from 2.25. The external Subpictures will be loaded into internall buffer and used from there (so the external file is no longer needed).
  • Added buttons on menu toolbar for loading external subpicture and showing it.
  • Subtitles with type Black bar and Transparent Bar were switched on DVD (Transp bar showed as full black )
  • Pressing Cancel on Close-Caption dialog will remove the Close caption.
  • Crashing when deleting multiple objects in Connections, or crashing when deleting object that has opened window
  • Paragrpah text rendered bit differently on Enhanced rendering (Which made impossible to use Hot-Spot over it)
  • Check for maximum 36 buttons on menu before compillation

Cambios para v2.25 (update) - v2.26 (update)

  • If a chapter is set to pause, the next chapter must be set as non-seamless
  • Right Click Link menu will now collapse to divided form if there are too many menus or movies to make it manageable and to avoid scrolling. The items will be sorted in SubMenus by 10s.
  • Change Order of items will also display PGCN.
  • Added Movie Gap object for various VM tricks in Title domain, for example as link collector for movies (to go away with the 128 limit VM commands in Root VTS)
  • Added option to export Connection window to ASCII art for simple posting on web boards.
  • VISTA registration fix.

Cambios para v2.24 (update) - v2.25 (update)

  • Merge Projects, different aspect (it will adjust the new merged VTS properties if aspect is different in the merged files)
  • External Subpicture and external background - it will now save the external link into the project file and by default alwasy try to use the external file. Some more checkings to make sure the file is correct.
  • Zoom In allowed bigger than 1:1, zoom by mouse wheel follows the cursor
  • Chapter Play-list (Movie Branch) - added option to set sequential chapters seamless
  • Enter reg. code now has note for Vista (You have to use the option Current user, not all users )

Cambios para v2.23 (update) - v2.24 (update)

  • Fix: Override Aspect Ratio in VTS will not change aspect ratio of Cells, same when loading.
  • Fix for some players 2xFF and REW problem (ADT is now set as ROM, before it has been set as R/RW which may cause on some old players to simply disable 2xFF/REW - courtesy of DVD specs)
  • Fix: Combo-Buttons didn't work correctly with new Enhanced menu rendering introduced in 2.2
  • Fix for stuttering bug on long movies after certain time
  • Clone Mega-Project (Save As... in mega project didn't work as expected - now it will Clone whole Mega-Project into new directory.
  • Time map unit fix - time map will not exceed 2048
  • Slideshow Muxer adjustement

Cambios para v2.22 (update) - v2.23 (update)

  • New: Global VM - almost revolutionary new way how to write VM script. Modal-less window (like lab-Talk). One, place for all the objects. Comments in code. Automatic GPRM partioning, Aliases, IF-THEN-ELSE and Goto by labels. Link/Jump/Call by Object name. Hardcore DVD nerds heaven.
  • Please check the Help 2.0 online Global VM Section
  • Fix: Displaying VM command in connection was broken if VM command had OR operator.

Cambios para v2.21b (update) - v2.22 (update)

  • Add: Sub-Regiter Wizard remembers last register selected.
  • Fix: AUdio Count in IFO was wrong in some cases
  • Fix: Muxer now pack last 3 GOPs into one VOBU if the total duration is less than 1 second second

Cambios para v2.20 - v2.21

  • Add: Comment box in VM script
  • Ch: Circle in menu is few pixels smaller so it doesn't cut off the right and bottom
  • Add: New Enhanced menu rendering to PAL and NTSC, improves Highlighting coverage
  • Add: Sub-Registers wizard in VM Editor. You can virtually divide first 10 GPRM registers into more (2 ,4, 8,16) smaller parts . This allows you to have for example 20 one-byte sized registers (values: 0-255), 40 four-bit registers (values:0-15) or even 160 single-bit flags. The wizard makes easier to generate the necessary VM operations.
  • Changed, Fixed and Cleaned - Subtitle Timecode, now you should always use the Real Time 25fps & 29.97 fps settings for your subtitles. But there are two other options Correct if subs show early and Correct if subs show late, use these if at some point the DF/NDF is incorrect in your subtitles, this will correct it in the right dirrection and hopefully end the confussion about NDF and DF subtitles.

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