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Historial de versiones para DriverStore Explorer

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Cambios para v0.10.15 - v0.10.21 (Pre-release)

  • Move from PnpUtil to Dism and native API.
  • Check for new version in About Box.

Cambios para v0.10.13 - v0.10.15

  • Include device name in csv export.

Cambios para v0.10.10 - v0.10.13

  • Show device associated with driver.

Cambios para v0.10.9 (Pre-release) - v0.10.10

  • •Improve error handling.

Cambios para v0.10.3 - v0.10.9 (Pre-release)

  • Add support for offline driver store.
  • Now the tool always run as admin.
  • A few language related fixes.
  • Trying to fix HiDPI issue by mark the app as DPI-aware.

Cambios para v0.9.10 - v0.9.21

  • Add multi language support, currently support French and Simplified Chinese.

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