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Historial de versiones para Chandler

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Cambios para v1.0.1 - v1.0.2

  • The following two bugs affect data export and reload:
  • 12335 Total data loss on chandler startup - restore not possible
  • 12353 Export to .chex fails
  • There is also a fix that addresses an interoperability problem that came up testing the iPhone/iPhone Touch Quick Entry widget:
  • 12381 Make eim lowercase all keys

Cambios para v0.7.7 - v1.0 RC 1

  • bug 7612 Clickable URLs in the Notes field
  • bug 8087 Support for more recurrence rules (e.g. 3rd Wednesday of every month, MTTh weekly, etc)
  • bug 12234 Performance improvement: Replace weekly “purge” with “export/reload”. (Many users reported experiencing noticeable performance boosts when upgrading, which is when you typically export and reload your data.)
  • bug 11774 The LATER section in the Triage List view now sorts correctly! Displaying events and reminders “in chronological order”. Items without event or custom alarms dates appear at the bottom of the LATER section.
  • bug 12246 Alarms are overriding the event date in the Triage List date column.

Cambios para v0.7.5.1 - v0.7.6

  • Separate detail view windows: This has been requested fairly often in the past. We’re nailing down the final UI for opening a new top-level window for a given item, but otherwise the code is done and has been checked into trunk. There will probably be a more detailed post at some point about using this feature: I personally have found it handy to use separate windows for items I update regularly but sporadically, like my grocery list.
  • Automatically checking for updates: I’ve added some data on our website to enable Chandler Desktop to check periodically (weekly is the default) for new releases. The app will pop up a dialog that tells you what the new release is, and allows you to click a button to download it in your web browser.

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