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Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6427

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Macrium Reflect Free is a Hard Disk Imaging and File Backup Software


Disk Imaging
  • Create a single backup file of a complete hard disk
  • Create a single backup file of one or many partitions
  • Restore a partition to a different type. e.g. a logical partition can be restored as a bootable primary partition
  • Resize the restored partition. A hard disk upgrade can easily be performed by increasing the partition to fill the new disk.
  • Track 0 (The Master Boot Record) is saved with all backups.
  • Backup files can be saved to local or network drives or optical storage (CD, DVD).
  • Disk image can be created whilst Windows is in use. A special driver ensures that the disk image represents an exact point in time and will not be affected by disk access that may occur during the backup process.
  • Verify images. Images (Backup files) can be separately verified or automatically verified before restore.
  • System files such as 'pagefile.sys' and 'hiberfil.sys' are not included in the image. This reduces the final backup file size.
  • Three compression levels can be selected to optimize between file size and speed.
  • Password protect images to prevent unauthorized access.
  • AES 256 bit encryption for ultimate security.
  • Set image filenames automatically.

  • Save your backup definitions as XML files and execute them with a single click from your desktop.
  • Includes VBScript integration and a VBScript generator for unparalleled control of the backup process.

    Scheduling Features
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Unattended completion.
  • Automatic incremental / differential images.
  • Automatic disk space management for local / remote hard drives.
  • Full logging of all backup operations. HTML log reports are generated and can be viewed using Reflect's built in browser.

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    Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.2.1495
  • Tipo de licencia 1
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    Fecha que se añadió. 17/08/2019
    Descargas 5,619
    Tamaño 42.93 MB (< 6min @ 1Mbps)
    Idiomas disponibles English
    Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

    17/08/2019Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.4425(Más reciente estable versión)
    12/06/2019Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.4325
    03/04/2019Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.4156
    24/12/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.3957
    18/12/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.3954
    01/12/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.3906
    27/11/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.2.3897
    04/05/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.3196
    18/04/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.3147
    17/03/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2963
    28/02/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2917
    19/01/2018Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2833
    29/12/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2801
    20/12/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2792
    13/12/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2768
    03/11/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2654
    15/10/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2646
    30/09/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v7.1.2611
    09/07/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.3.1835
    08/06/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.3.1821
    09/03/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.3.1745
    22/02/2017Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.3.1734
    25/12/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.3.1665
    10/09/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.2.1549
    12/08/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.2.1502
    10/08/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.2.1495
    09/07/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1366
    29/03/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1225
    23/03/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1196
    09/02/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1081
    14/01/2016Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1023
    22/12/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.1000
    29/11/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.936
    10/11/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.909
    28/10/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.887
    22/10/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.879
    17/10/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.1.871
    01/08/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.0.753
    21/06/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v6.0.685
    02/04/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7299
    11/03/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7290
    03/02/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7277
    02/01/2015Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7256
    22/12/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7253
    30/10/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7220
    10/09/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7170
    18/08/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7149
    12/08/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7134
    22/07/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.3.7109
    29/05/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6551
    16/05/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6544
    24/04/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6526
    28/03/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6515
    21/03/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6504
    19/02/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6474
    25/01/2014Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6465
    23/12/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6444
    06/12/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6437
    11/11/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6433
    23/10/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6427
    26/09/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6399
    08/09/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6377
    04/08/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6354
    26/07/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6348
    25/07/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6345
    29/06/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6314
    25/06/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6307
    19/06/2013Macrium Reflect FREE (64-bit) v5.2.6249
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