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Waterfox (64-bit) v56.0.1

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Waterfox is a 64-bit variant of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

Waterfox is optimized for 64-bit systems (and has no x86 build), and claims to be the fastest 64-bit variant of the Firefox browser.

Major plugins such as Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Microsoft Silverlight all have supported 64-Bit binaries available, and will work with Waterfox just as they would with Firefox. Waterfox is built only for Windows 64-bit systems and no other operating system.

Waterfox was compiled with SSE2, the AMD Core Math Library and the following optimisation flags: /O2 /GR- /GS- /GA. It retains support for Firefox add-ons, too.

NOTE: If you experience problems with blurry fonts, then type about:config in the address bar. In the filter at the top type gfx.direct2d.disabled. Change it from false to true.

Capturas de pantalla:

Waterfox (64-bit) v16.0.1 Waterfox (64-bit) v11.0 Waterfox (64-bit) v11.0
Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 09/12/2019
Descargas 5,610
Idiomas disponibles English,  Dutch
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

09/12/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v2019.12(Más reciente estable versión)
04/09/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.14
20/08/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.13
09/08/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.12
21/06/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.11
19/05/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.10
23/04/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.9
02/02/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.7.1
31/01/2019Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.7
13/11/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.5
07/07/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.2
17/05/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.2.0
30/03/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.1.0
06/02/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.0.4
20/01/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.0.3
07/01/2018Waterfox (64-bit) v56.0.2
14/12/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v56.0.1
11/10/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v55.2.2
10/10/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v55.2.1
28/09/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v55.1.0.1
23/09/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v55.1.0
22/08/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v55.0.2
17/07/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v54.0.1
28/06/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v54.0.0.1
18/06/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v54.0
29/05/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v53.0.3
12/05/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v53.0.1
25/04/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v53.0
14/04/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v52.0.2
18/03/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v52.0
04/02/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v51.0.1
27/01/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v51.0
07/01/2017Waterfox (64-bit) v50.1.0
03/12/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v50.0.2
27/11/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v50.0
06/10/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v49.0.2
04/10/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v49.0.1
14/08/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v48.0.1
11/08/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v48.0
07/07/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v47.0.1
19/06/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v47.0
28/04/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v46.0
19/02/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v44.0.3
16/02/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v44.0.2
15/01/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v43.0.4
07/01/2016Waterfox (64-bit) v43.0.1
12/11/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v40.1.0
06/09/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v40.0.3
26/08/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v40.0.2
01/08/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v39.0
20/06/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v38.1.0
12/05/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v38.0
14/04/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v37.0.1
30/03/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v36.0.4
12/03/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v36.0.1
03/03/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v36.0
10/02/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v35.0.1
21/01/2015Waterfox (64-bit) v35.0
18/12/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v34.0.1
13/12/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v34.0
11/11/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v33.0.2
09/10/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v32.0.3
05/09/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v32.0
28/07/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v31.0
04/07/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v30.0
05/04/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v28.0
01/03/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v27.0.2
20/02/2014Waterfox (64-bit) v27.0.1
25/12/2013Waterfox (64-bit) v26.0
07/10/2013Waterfox (64-bit) v24.0
19/01/2013Waterfox (64-bit) v18.0.1
28/10/2012Waterfox (64-bit) v16.0.1
31/08/2012Waterfox (64-bit) v15.0
08/06/2012Waterfox (64-bit) v13.0 PL1
10/04/2012Waterfox (64-bit) v11.0
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