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Opera (64-bit) v70.0.3728.106

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Opera is a light-weight browser with many advanced features. Some of the features include:
  • Notes: Write down notes about the page you are viewing.

  • FastForward and Rewind: Opera tries to anticipate the page you want to go next and speeds up browsing by pre-loading the page.

  • Skinning: Changing the look of a browser has never been easier with Opera''s new one-click skin install. Just pick and click once on any of the many skins available at MyOpera community.

  • Mouse gestures: Browse backwards and forwards, reload pages, close and open windows etc. with simple mouse gestures.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Triple your efficiency by getting rid of that ridiculous mouse and use fast and convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Plus tons more! Definitely worth checking out.

WARNING: The development snapshots contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.
Opera Next installs a separate pre-release version with a distinct white icon. No changes are made to your original Opera installation. Opera Next also updates itself to the latest alpha or beta so you can experience our newest technology.
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Opera (64-bit) v70.0.3728.106Tamaño: 28.08 kB

Capturas de pantalla:

Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.22 RC Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.22 RC Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.22 RC Opera (64-bit) v12.16 Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1618
Tipo de licencia Freeware1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 12/08/2020
Descargas 212
Tamaño 28.08 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English   Finnish   Swedish   Norwegian   Spanish   Dutch   Danish  
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

Opera (64-bit) v70.0.3728.106(Más reciente estable versión) 12/08/2020
Opera (64-bit) v70.0.3728.95 06/08/2020
Opera (64-bit) v70.0.3728.71 29/07/2020
Opera (64-bit) v69.0.3686.36 24/06/2020
Opera (64-bit) v68.0.3618.165 14/06/2020
Opera (64-bit) v68.0.3618.125 24/05/2020
Opera (64-bit) v68.0.3618.104 14/05/2020
Opera (64-bit) v68.0.3618.56 25/04/2020
Opera (64-bit) v67.0.3575.79 13/03/2020
Opera (64-bit) v67.0.3575.31 26/02/2020
Opera (64-bit) v66.0.3515.103 19/02/2020
Opera (64-bit) v66.0.3515.95 16/02/2020
Opera (64-bit) v66.0.3515.44 25/01/2020
Opera (64-bit) v65.0.3467.78 20/12/2019
Opera (64-bit) v65.0.3467.69 10/12/2019
Opera (64-bit) v65.0.3467.62 04/12/2019
Opera (64-bit) v65.0.3467.48 21/11/2019
Opera (64-bit) v65.0.3467.42 16/11/2019
Opera (64-bit) v64.0.3417.92 08/11/2019
Opera (64-bit) v64.0.3417.61 17/10/2019
Opera (64-bit) v64.0.3417.54 09/10/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.107 06/10/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.94 19/09/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.88 12/09/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.71 07/09/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.53 28/08/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.43 23/08/2019
Opera (64-bit) v63.0.3368.35 20/08/2019
Opera (64-bit) v62.0.3331.116 09/08/2019
Opera (64-bit) v62.0.3331.99 25/07/2019
Opera (64-bit) v62.0.3331.43 08/07/2019
Opera (64-bit) v60.0.3255.170 23/06/2019
Opera (64-bit) v60.0.3255.70 06/05/2019
Opera (64-bit) v60.0.3255.59 23/04/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.127 30/03/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.107 16/03/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.90 08/03/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.79 01/03/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.68 22/02/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.65 13/02/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.53 02/02/2019
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.116 12/01/2019
Opera (64-bit) v58.0.3135.30 Beta 22/12/2018
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.110 05/01/2019
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.106 20/12/2018
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.102 14/12/2018
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.91 08/12/2018
Opera (64-bit) v57.0.3098.76 29/11/2018
Opera (64-bit) v56.0.3051.104 15/11/2018
Opera (64-bit) v56.0.3051.99 11/11/2018
Opera (64-bit) v56.0.3051.43 10/10/2018
Opera (64-bit) v55.0.2994.61 20/09/2018
Opera (64-bit) v55.0.2994.56 07/09/2018
Opera (64-bit) v55.0.2994.44 24/08/2018
Opera (64-bit) v55.0.2994.37 18/08/2018
Opera (64-bit) v54.0.2952.71 08/08/2018
Opera (64-bit) v54.0.2952.60 20/07/2018
Opera (64-bit) v54.0.2952.41 29/06/2018
Opera (64-bit) v53.0.2907.110 27/06/2018
Opera (64-bit) v53.0.2907.106 24/06/2018
Opera (64-bit) v53.0.2907.68 26/05/2018
Opera (64-bit) v53.0.2907.57 16/05/2018
Opera (64-bit) v53.0.2907.37 12/05/2018
Opera (64-bit) v52.0.2871.99 02/05/2018
Opera (64-bit) v52.0.2871.97 26/04/2018
Opera (64-bit) v52.0.2871.40 30/03/2018
Opera (64-bit) v51.0.2830.55 09/03/2018
Opera (64-bit) v51.0.2830.34 17/02/2018
Opera (64-bit) v50.0.2762.67 23/01/2018
Opera (64-bit) v50.0.2762.58 19/01/2018
Opera (64-bit) v50.0.2762.45 07/01/2018
Opera (64-bit) v50.0.2762.42 Beta RC 23/12/2017
Opera (64-bit) v49.0.2725.64 21/12/2017
Opera (64-bit) v49.0.2725.34 09/11/2017
Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.39 11/10/2017
Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.35 04/10/2017
Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.32 30/09/2017
Opera (64-bit) v48.0.2685.22 RC 14/09/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.80 09/09/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.71 26/08/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.55 15/08/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.39 10/08/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.34 RC 03/08/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.31 Beta 28/07/2017
Opera (64-bit) v46.0.2597.57 19/07/2017
Opera (64-bit) v46.0.2597.46 14/07/2017
Opera (64-bit) v47.0.2631.13 Beta 09/07/2017
Opera (64-bit) v46.0.2597.39 05/07/2017
Opera (64-bit) v46.0.2597.32 28/06/2017
Opera (64-bit) v46.0.2597.11 Beta 04/06/2017
Opera (64-bit) v45.0.2552.898 14/06/2017
Opera (64-bit) v45.0.2552.888 01/06/2017
Opera (64-bit) v45.0.2552.881 27/05/2017
Opera (64-bit) v45.0.2552.812 16/05/2017
Opera (64-bit) v45.0.2552.635 14/05/2017
Opera (64-bit) v44.0.2510.1449 25/04/2017
Opera (64-bit) v44.0.2510.1218 13/04/2017
Opera (64-bit) v44.0.2510.857 02/04/2017
Opera (64-bit) v43.0.2442.1144 18/03/2017
Opera (64-bit) v42.0.2393.517 27/01/2017
Opera (64-bit) v42.0.2393.137 20/01/2017
Opera (64-bit) v42.0.2393.85 13/12/2016
Opera (64-bit) v42.0.2393.38 Beta 27/11/2016
Opera (64-bit) v42.0.2393.27 Beta 10/11/2016
Opera (64-bit) v12.16 05/07/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.15 04/04/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.15 RC2 22/03/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.15 RC 19/03/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.14 05/02/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.14 RC 04/02/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.13 30/01/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.13 RC2 29/01/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.13 RC 25/01/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.13.1721 snapshot 17/01/2013
Opera (64-bit) v12.12 18/12/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.12-1704 RC 2 14/12/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.12-1662 snapshot 26/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.11 20/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.11 RC 2 17/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.11-1658 snapshot 14/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.11-1655 snapshot 10/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.10 06/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.10 RC4 05/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.10 RC3 05/11/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1642 27/10/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1627 17/10/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1618 07/10/2012
Opera (64-bit) NEXT v12.10 Beta 02/10/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1615 snapshot 29/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 b1605 snapshot 22/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.10 Beta candidate 3 19/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.10 Beta candidate 15/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.50 b1583 snapshot 06/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.50 b1581 snapshot 06/09/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.02 30/08/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.02 RC1 29/08/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.50 b1577 snapshot 29/08/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.00 14/06/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12 RC3 12/06/2012
Opera (64-bit) 12 RC Euro 2012 edition 08/06/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot 06/06/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.00 b1424 snapshot 23/05/2012
Opera (64-bit) v12.00 b1417 snapshot 18/05/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot 16/05/2012
Opera (64-bit) NEXT v12.00 Beta 01/05/2012
Opera (64-bit) Next v12.00 b1359 Snapshot 08/04/2012
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