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Throttle for Windows v7.8.25.2014

Vista / Win7 / WinXP
PGWare's Throttle for Windows is a utility used to update a PC and modem instantly to download files faster, browse the web faster and play games with less lag. The utility works with Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios, dial-up, satellite and mobile phone (2G/3G/4G) internet connection types.

Throttle makes several Windows registry and system changes to increase the performance of your modem and internet speed. These permanent changes made to your computer and modem improves how large data packets are sent between your computer and servers, it lowers the latency between your computer and servers, and how Internet Explorer simultaneously downloads images and files.

Throttle is a one click utility, so it is easy enough to use for anyone.

Throttle for Windows features include...

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2008, 2003. 32-BIT/64-BIT ready.
  • Instantly increases the speed of your internet making downloads faster, surfing the web faster and playing online games without lag.
  • Increases the speed of all internet connection types such as Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios and dial-up satellite and mobile phone (2G/3G/4G).
  • Saves you money by maximizing your current internet connection without having to upgrade to a higher package with your ISP.
  • Easy to use software that allows you to make permanent changes to your computer and modem with a single click.
  • Playing online multiplayer games is now a lag-free experience due to many of the settings Throttle makes to the computer.
  • Changes are made to the Windows system directly, allowing these settings to work for all modems and wireless routers.
  • Constant updates to the software add new performance tweaks to allow you to take advantage of improvements that your system is capable of.

Note: Throttle is a shareware product. The download will provide a 28-day trial, though some features are not available unless you buy the software.
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Throttle for Windows v7.8.25.2014 Tamaño: 4.01 MB

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Throttle for Windows v6.8.15.2011 Throttle for Windows v6.8.15.2011
Tipo de licencia Shareware1
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Fecha que se añadió. 27/08/2014
Descargas 36
Tamaño 4.01 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English  
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win7 / WinXP1

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