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TeamViewer Portable v13.2.14327

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
TeamViewer allows you to connect to the desktop of a partner anywhere on the Internet.

TeamViewer also works in the other direction: Show your own desktop to a partner over the Internet and demonstrate your own software, solutions and presentations. With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect.

TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use

TeamViewer Portable can be started directly from the USB stick, gets it's licensing from an .ini file on the stick and does not leave any traces on the computer where you use it, e.g. no registry values are stored there.

Capturas de pantalla:

TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10344 TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10344 TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9290
Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 15/08/2018
Descargas 4791
Tamaño 25.66 MB (< 4min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Dutch
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

15/08/2018TeamViewer Portable v13.2.14327(Más reciente estable versión)
19/11/2017TeamViewer Portable v12.0.88438
01/10/2017TeamViewer Portable v12.0.83369
28/07/2017TeamViewer Portable v12.0.81460
31/05/2017TeamViewer Portable v12.0.78313
26/04/2017TeamViewer Portable v12.0.77242
16/12/2016TeamViewer Portable v12.0.72365
29/08/2016TeamViewer Portable v11.0.65452
10/08/2016TeamViewer Portable v11.0.64630
07/07/2016TeamViewer Portable v11.0.62308
05/03/2016TeamViewer Portable v11.0.56083
21/02/2016TeamViewer Portable v11.0.55321
19/12/2015TeamViewer Portable v11.0.53254
15/09/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.47484
13/08/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.45862
22/05/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.42849
19/05/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.42650
21/04/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.41459
30/03/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.40798
26/03/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.40642
18/02/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.39052
11/02/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.38843
01/02/2015TeamViewer Portable v10.0.38475
17/12/2014TeamViewer Portable v10.0.36897
03/12/2014TeamViewer Portable v10.0.36244
16/11/2014TeamViewer Portable v10.0.35436 Beta
04/11/2014TeamViewer Portable v10.0.34998 Beta
15/09/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.32494
06/08/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.31064
04/07/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.29947
18/06/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.29480
10/06/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.29327
28/04/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.28223
03/04/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.27614
26/03/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.27339
24/03/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.27252
18/02/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.26297
06/02/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.25942
30/01/2014TeamViewer Portable v9.0.25790
17/12/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.24951
16/12/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.24848
12/12/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.24732
05/12/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.24482
03/12/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.24322
22/11/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.23949 Beta
15/11/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.23724 Beta
04/11/2013TeamViewer Portable v9.0.23358 Beta
02/10/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.22298
12/09/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.20935
03/09/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.20768
08/08/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.20202
08/07/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.19617
18/06/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.19045
10/06/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.18930
24/04/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.18051
11/03/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.17396
27/02/2013TeamViewer Portable v8.0.17292
20/12/2012TeamViewer Portable v8.0.16642
03/12/2012TeamViewer Portable v8.0.16447
22/11/2012TeamViewer Portable v8.0.16284 Beta
14/11/2012TeamViewer Portable v8.0.15959 Beta
24/10/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.15723
11/09/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.14563
27/08/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.14484
17/07/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.13989
12/07/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.13936
04/07/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.13852
28/03/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12979
25/02/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12799
20/01/2012TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12541
15/12/2011TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12313
12/12/2011TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12280
05/12/2011TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12189
01/12/2011TeamViewer Portable v7.0.12142
05/11/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.11656
08/09/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.11117
28/08/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.11052
03/06/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10722
18/04/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10511
04/04/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10462
22/03/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10418
03/03/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10344
29/01/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10194
26/01/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10176
17/01/2011TeamViewer Portable v6.0.10124
08/12/2010TeamViewer Portable v6.0.9947
01/12/2010TeamViewer Portable v6.0.9895
22/10/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9385
08/10/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9290
28/09/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9220
21/09/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9192
15/09/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.1.9160
13/09/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.9104
08/07/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.8703
28/06/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.8625
21/05/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.8421
23/04/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.8232
18/03/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.8081
12/02/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7904
14/01/2010TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7687
19/12/2009TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7572
17/12/2009TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7545
16/12/2009TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7526
18/11/2009TeamViewer Portable v5.0.7255 Beta
09/10/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6911
01/10/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6873
27/08/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6597
21/08/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6576
12/08/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6507
31/07/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6467
28/07/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6452
27/07/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6432
25/06/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6320
16/06/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6261
29/05/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6194
19/05/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6172
07/05/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6080
02/05/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6043
29/04/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.6016
25/04/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.5999
20/04/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.1.5960
06/03/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5671
10/02/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5543
23/01/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5518
20/01/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5503
09/01/2009TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5474
25/12/2008TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5459
17/12/2008TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5421
10/12/2008TeamViewer Portable v4.0.5381
28/11/2008TeamViewer Portable v3.6.5198
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