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Reg Organizer v5.20 RC 1

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
Reg Organizer is a set of Registry tools required for effective System Registry management.

This software lets you view, edit and safely clean the Registry. It allows to preview the Registry files you want to import (including the ability to preview files directly from Windows Explorer). Includes Registry cleaner, which will safely compact, repair and optimize the Registry.

With Reg Organizer you can thoroughly search the Registry to find all the keys related to a certain application. Other Reg Organizer features include the ability to find and replace the Registry entries, automatic Registry cleanup, Disk Cleanup tool, access to many undocumented Windows features. Plug-in expandability gives unlimited possibilities of third party enhancements.

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Reg Organizer v5.14 Reg Organizer v5.14 Reg Organizer v5.14

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Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 12/05/2015
Descargas 8,998
Tamaño 3.03 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

12/05/2015Reg Organizer v7.12(Más reciente estable versión)
29/04/2015Reg Organizer v7.11
12/04/2015Reg Organizer v7.10
05/02/2015Reg Organizer v7.0
22/01/2015Reg Organizer v7.0 Beta 4
18/01/2015Reg Organizer v7.0 Beta 3
10/01/2015Reg Organizer v7.0 Beta 2
07/10/2014Reg Organizer v6.60
24/09/2014Reg Organizer v6.60 Beta 3
23/09/2014Reg Organizer v6.60 Beta 2
17/09/2014Reg Organizer v6.60 Beta 1
01/08/2014Reg Organizer v6.55
25/07/2014Reg Organizer v6.55 Beta 3
22/07/2014Reg Organizer v6.55 Beta 2
17/06/2014Reg Organizer v6.50
06/06/2014Reg Organizer v6.50 Beta 3
20/05/2014Reg Organizer v6.50 Beta 2
06/05/2014Reg Organizer v6.50 Beta 1
16/04/2014Reg Organizer v6.35
03/03/2014Reg Organizer v6.34
17/02/2014Reg Organizer v6.33
18/01/2014Reg Organizer v6.32
29/11/2013Reg Organizer v6.31
19/11/2013Reg Organizer v6.30
08/11/2013Reg Organizer v6.30 Beta 1
02/10/2013Reg Organizer v6.26
01/10/2013Reg Organizer v6.25
24/08/2013Reg Organizer v6.21
23/08/2013Reg Organizer v6.20
25/06/2013Reg Organizer v6.11
07/06/2013Reg Organizer v6.10
25/05/2013Reg Organizer v6.10 Beta 2
15/05/2013Reg Organizer v6.10 Beta 1
05/03/2013Reg Organizer v6.02
28/01/2013Reg Organizer v6.01
22/01/2013Reg Organizer v6.0
20/11/2012Reg Organizer v6.0 Beta 2
07/11/2012Reg Organizer v6.0 Beta 1
11/07/2012Reg Organizer v5.46
06/07/2012Reg Organizer v5.46 Beta 2
29/06/2012Reg Organizer v5.46 Beta 1
14/06/2012Reg Organizer v5.45
09/06/2012Reg Organizer v5.45 Beta 3
31/05/2012Reg Organizer v5.45 Beta 2
15/05/2012Reg Organizer v5.45 Beta 1
27/02/2012Reg Organizer v5.40
16/02/2012Reg Organizer v5.40 Beta 4
10/02/2012Reg Organizer v5.40 Beta 3
02/02/2012Reg Organizer v5.40 Beta 2
18/01/2012Reg Organizer v5.40 Beta 1
22/11/2011Reg Organizer v5.30
18/10/2011Reg Organizer v5.30 Beta 4
16/09/2011Reg Organizer v5.30 Beta 3
08/09/2011Reg Organizer v5.30 Beta 2
27/07/2011Reg Organizer v5.30 Beta 1
04/06/2011Reg Organizer v5.21
26/05/2011Reg Organizer v5.20
20/05/2011Reg Organizer v5.20 RC 1
20/04/2011Reg Organizer v5.20 Beta 1
17/03/2011Reg Organizer v5.15
11/03/2011Reg Organizer v5.14
17/12/2010Reg Organizer v5.12
15/12/2010Reg Organizer v5.12 Beta
30/11/2010Reg Organizer v5.11
09/07/2010Reg Organizer v5.10
16/06/2010Reg Organizer v5.10 Beta 4
25/05/2010Reg Organizer v5.10 Beta 3
12/05/2010Reg Organizer v5.10 Beta 2
13/04/2010Reg Organizer v5.10 Beta 1
17/12/2009Reg Organizer v5.0
02/12/2009Reg Organizer v5.0 RC 1
11/11/2009Reg Organizer v5.0 Beta 6
27/10/2009Reg Organizer v5.0 Beta 5
07/09/2009Reg Organizer v5.0 Beta 4
22/07/2009Reg Organizer v5.0 Beta 1
30/06/2009Reg Organizer v4.25
03/03/2009Reg Organizer v4.23
10/02/2009Reg Organizer v4.23 Beta 1
13/11/2008Reg Organizer v4.22
29/10/2008Reg Organizer v4.22 Beta 4
24/10/2008Reg Organizer v4.22 Beta 3
29/09/2008Reg Organizer v4.22 Beta 2
18/09/2008Reg Organizer v4.22 Beta 1
22/04/2008Reg Organizer v4.21
26/03/2008Reg Organizer v4.21 Beta 2
21/02/2008Reg Organizer v4.21 Beta 1
10/01/2008Reg Organizer v4.20
31/10/2007Reg Organizer v4.10
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