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Ex7forW8 v1.0

Ex7forW8 is a wrapper for the Windows 7 explorer to run on Windows 8, which means the Metro start screen is completely abolished and not even loaded which means absolutely no RAM or cycles are wasted.

New Windows Explorer features like ribbon and file copying are however preserved.
This program includes sophisticated lightweight wrapper, install/uninstall/patch program. It does not modify system files and system protected registry entries and you can switch back to unaltered Windows 8 UI any time. Windows 7 shell is enabled only to users which switched to it and other users can use Windows 8 shell without any problems.

  • Metro (Modern) UI is not loaded into memory. As a bonus you save dozens MB of RAM.
  • Metro UI screens and programs are unavailable.
  • Toasts (like "You have new program to handle this stuff") won't show. You need to use Default programs to change associations.
  • You may get more UAC prompts.
  • No default language input indicator. Enable language bar via Control Panel->Language->Advanced Settings->Use desktop language bar.
  • No multi-monitor taskbars. Maybe more multimon issues.
  • No immersive hotkeys (Win+X, Win+PrtScr too).
  • To add new user, run netplwiz.exe.

    Launch Ex7ForW8_setup.exe. Follow instructions.
    You'll need Windows 7 installation DVD or files ready; keep in mind that they should be same language and bitness.

    Ex7forW8 install requires admin privileges. Users without admin rights should 'Run as administrator' it.
    After installation, shell can be configured by all users for themselves, without administrator rights.

    Made by Tihiy (
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    Ex7forW8 v1.0 Ex7forW8 v1.0
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