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Clipjump (64-bit) v12.5

Open source
Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Clipjump is a Multiple-Clipboard management utility for Windows.

It makes it possible for you to simultaneously use multiple clipboards like never before. Everything that is transfered to your clipboard will get automatically transfered to Multiple-Clipboards.

Key Features:
  • A True Clipboard Manager - Captures Everything
  • Supports Preview of Clipboard stored images such as PrintScreen Captures.
  • Data-Types are meaningless for Clipjump.It just stores everything.
  • Control Clipboards only by using Ctrl+x,Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.
  • Not Mandatory to perform Copy and Cut operations using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X. Even an application's Copy and Cut will be transferred to Clipjump.
  • Clipjump History Tool - View, search and restore old clipboard items.
  • FIX Clipboards at certain positions via FIXATE Option.(See FIXATE - A Coders Delight)
  • Add selective Data to Windows Clipboard if needed.
  • Can have as much simultaneous clipboards as possible. (Depends on Disk Space).
  • Very fast Clipboard switching.
  • Copy Current Folder path to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+X)
  • Copy selected files path(s) to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C)
  • Idiot-Proof! - Captures Clipboard entries from everywhere, whether it be an external program or PrintScreen Captures.
  • Easily Configurable - You can change settings via a GUI.
  • Free, Portable, Open Source
  • Free Download
    Clipjump (64-bit) v12.5Tamaño: 1.38 MB

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    Clipjump (64-bit) v12.5 Clipjump (64-bit) v12.5

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    Tipo de licencia Open source1
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    Fecha que se añadió. 22/04/2016
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    Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

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