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Blender (64-bit) v2.49a

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8
Blender is a platform independent open source 3d modeling software. It allows users to design and create 3d models, animations and even games. Blender's interface is optimized for 3d designing and it is mainly controlled and operated through hotkeys and menus.

There is also an integrated game engine in Blender for making 3d games and interaction. Although being an open source software, Blender is suitable for even professional modelling. A good example of its capabilities is the animation movie Big Buck Bunny.

Blender itself is programmed with Python thus being available for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms. In order for Blender to work fully in Windows you must have Python installed as well. Blender also has a large community and provides tutorials and instructions, teaching rendering and animation, in several languages.

Capturas de pantalla:

Blender (64-bit) v2.74 Blender (64-bit) v2.66 Blender (64-bit) v2.66 Blender (64-bit) v2.57 RC
Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 26/08/2020
Descargas 7,002
Tamaño 13.06 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win81

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

26/08/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83.5(Más reciente estable versión)
06/08/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83.4
23/07/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83.3
09/07/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83.2
26/06/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83.1
11/06/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.83
13/03/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.82a
15/02/2020Blender (64-bit) v2.82
06/12/2019Blender (64-bit) v2.81a
22/11/2019Blender (64-bit) v2.81
30/07/2019Blender (64-bit) v2.80
28/03/2018Blender (64-bit) v2.8 Beta
14/04/2018Blender (64-bit) v2.79b
12/09/2017Blender (64-bit) v2.79
03/05/2017Blender (64-bit) v2.78c
09/02/2017Blender (64-bit) v2.78b
06/11/2016Blender (64-bit) v2.78a
07/04/2016Blender (64-bit) v2.77a
30/03/2016Blender (64-bit) v2.77
05/11/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.76b
15/10/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.76
01/10/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.76 RC 3
20/09/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.76 RC 1
20/09/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.75a
01/04/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.74
28/03/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.74 RC 4
19/03/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.74 RC 2
22/01/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.73a
08/01/2015Blender (64-bit) v2.73
25/12/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.73 RC
17/12/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.73 Testbuild 1
22/10/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.72b
18/10/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.72a
05/10/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.72
24/09/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.72 RC
27/06/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.71
11/04/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.70a
20/03/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.70
12/03/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.70 RC 2
05/03/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.70 RC 1
21/02/2014Blender (64-bit) v2.70 Testbuild 1
30/10/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.69
22/10/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.69 RC 3
16/10/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.69 RC 2
07/10/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.69 RC
24/07/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.68a
19/07/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.68
02/07/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.68 RC 1
01/06/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.67b
21/05/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.67a
08/05/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.67
06/03/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.66a
20/02/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.66
14/02/2013Blender (64-bit) v2.66 RC
20/12/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.65a
10/12/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.65
10/10/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.64a
04/10/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.64
25/09/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.64 RC 2
10/05/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.63a
30/04/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.63
20/04/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.63 RC 1
17/02/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.62
10/02/2012Blender (64-bit) v2.62 RC 1
14/12/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.61
09/12/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.61 RC 1
25/10/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.60a
20/10/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.60
06/10/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.60 RC
13/08/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.59
04/07/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.58a
24/06/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.58
26/04/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.57b
23/04/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.57a
14/04/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.57
05/04/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.57 RC2
28/03/2011Blender (64-bit) v2.57 RC
05/11/2010Blender (64-bit) v2.55 Beta
03/09/2009Blender (64-bit) v2.49b
21/06/2009Blender (64-bit) v2.49a
09/06/2009Blender (64-bit) v2.49
28/04/2009Blender (64-bit) v2.48a
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