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FileOptimizer v8.20

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
FileOptimizer is a lossless file size optimizer supporting AIR, APK, APNG APPX, BMP, CBZ, DOCX, DLL, EPUB, EXE, GIF, GZ, ICO, JAR, JPEG, MNG, MP3, MPP, PNG, PPTX, ODT, OGG, OGV, PDF, PUB, SCR, SWF, TIF, VSD, WEBP, XAP, XLSX, and ZIP file formats among others.

It keeps the behaviour of the file untouched, but with its size reduced thanks to several recompression and optimization techniques.

  • Simple program interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Several third party tools integrated in one same tool (plugins).
  • Easy automation via commandline.

    Drag the files you want to optimize to the files grid in FileOptimizer, right click with the mouse to open the contextual menu, and then click on Optimize. This will process all supported files added, and overwrite them with the optimized version.

    Alternatively you can add the files and directories to process on the program's commandline, or dragging them to the executable file.

    FileOptimizer will remove additional metadata, and other unneeded information, so if you want to further modify the original files, remember to create a backup of them.

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    FileOptimizer v7.00 beta 2 FileOptimizer v2.30 FileOptimizer v2.30

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  • Tipo de licencia 1
    Página del autor Visita la página del autor
    Fecha que se añadió. 01/10/2019
    Descargas 851
    Tamaño 27.54 MB (< 4min @ 1Mbps)
    Idiomas disponibles English
    Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

    01/10/2019FileOptimizer v14.00(Más reciente estable versión)
    30/07/2019FileOptimizer v13.90
    10/06/2019FileOptimizer v13.80
    27/03/2019FileOptimizer v13.70
    16/02/2019FileOptimizer v13.60
    03/01/2019FileOptimizer v13.50
    15/11/2018FileOptimizer v13.30
    21/09/2018FileOptimizer v13.20
    08/08/2018FileOptimizer v13.10
    24/06/2018FileOptimizer v12.90
    05/04/2018FileOptimizer v12.70
    01/04/2018FileOptimizer v12.61
    28/02/2018FileOptimizer v12.50
    22/02/2018FileOptimizer v12.40
    07/02/2018FileOptimizer v12.30
    21/01/2018FileOptimizer v12.20
    28/12/2017FileOptimizer v12.10
    09/12/2017FileOptimizer v12.00
    20/11/2017FileOptimizer v11.31
    15/10/2017FileOptimizer v11.20
    25/09/2017FileOptimizer v11.10
    06/09/2017FileOptimizer v11.00
    29/07/2017FileOptimizer v10.10
    22/07/2017FileOptimizer v10.00
    11/06/2017FileOptimizer v9.90
    16/04/2017FileOptimizer v9.80
    02/04/2017FileOptimizer v9.70
    19/02/2017FileOptimizer v9.60
    21/01/2017FileOptimizer v9.50
    08/01/2017FileOptimizer v9.40
    26/11/2016FileOptimizer v9.30
    02/10/2016FileOptimizer v9.20
    18/09/2016FileOptimizer v9.10
    15/08/2016FileOptimizer v9.00
    01/08/2016FileOptimizer v8.50
    21/06/2016FileOptimizer v8.40
    02/05/2016FileOptimizer v8.30
    21/02/2016FileOptimizer v8.20
    26/12/2015FileOptimizer v8.10
    20/08/2015FileOptimizer v7.90
    02/06/2015FileOptimizer v7.80
    17/05/2015FileOptimizer v7.70
    28/04/2015FileOptimizer v7.60
    14/04/2015FileOptimizer v7.40
    15/03/2015FileOptimizer v7.30
    13/03/2015FileOptimizer v7.20
    21/02/2015FileOptimizer v7.10
    23/01/2015FileOptimizer v7.00
    25/12/2014FileOptimizer v7.00 beta 3
    28/10/2014FileOptimizer v7.00 beta 2
    29/04/2014FileOptimizer v6.80
    05/04/2014FileOptimizer v6.00
    25/12/2013FileOptimizer v5.90
    30/07/2013FileOptimizer v5.80
    21/06/2013FileOptimizer v5.70
    05/05/2013FileOptimizer v5.60
    08/04/2013FileOptimizer v5.50
    25/02/2013FileOptimizer v5.10
    19/02/2013FileOptimizer v5.00.213
    19/01/2013FileOptimizer v4.00
    01/01/2013FileOptimizer v3.00
    02/12/2012FileOptimizer v2.30
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