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MediaInfo (64-bit) v19.04

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
MediaInfo is a free software that supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.

Main features :

Read many video and audio file formats
Multiple means to view information (text, sheet, tree, HTML...)
You can customize theses views
Exporting possibilities : text, CSV, HTML...
Graphical Interface, or Command Line
Integration with MS-Windows shell
Localization capacities (but need volunteers)

Main available information :

General : title, author, director, album, track number, date, duration...
Video : codec, aspect, fps, bitrate...
Audio : codec, sample rate, channels, language, bitrate...
Text : language of subtitle
Chapters : count of chapters, list of chapters

Examples of supported formats :

Audio : OGG, MP3, WAV, RA, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, AU, AIFF
Free Download
MediaInfo (64-bit) v19.04Tamaño: 5.47 MB

Capturas de pantalla:

MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57
Tipo de licencia Ad-supported1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 24/04/2019
Descargas 232
Tamaño 5.47 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English   Swedish   Spanish   Dutch  
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

MediaInfo (64-bit) v19.04(Más reciente estable versión) 24/04/2019
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.12 12/12/2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.08.1 11/09/2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.08 01/09/2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.05 10/05/2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v18.03.1 28/03/2018
MediaInfo (64-bit) v17.12 22/12/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.99 16/09/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.98 09/08/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.97 01/07/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.95 05/05/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.93 05/03/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.92.1 04/02/2017
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.91 03/12/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.88 10/09/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.86 05/06/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.85 01/05/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.84 02/04/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.83 01/03/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.81 02/01/2016
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.80 11/12/2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.79 09/11/2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.77 03/09/2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.76 13/08/2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.74 26/05/2015
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.71 11/11/2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.70 03/09/2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.67 12/01/2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.66 09/01/2014
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.64 04/08/2013
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.63 13/05/2013
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.61 22/10/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.60 04/09/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.59 08/08/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.58 30/05/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.57 06/05/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.56 11/04/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.55 10/04/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.54 14/03/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.53 24/01/2012
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.52 20/12/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.51 12/11/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.50 24/09/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.49 19/09/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.48 17/08/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.47 15/07/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.46 05/07/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.45 16/06/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.44 20/04/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.43 20/03/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.42 04/03/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.41 25/01/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.39 05/01/2011
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.38 17/12/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.37 23/11/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.36 25/10/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.35 13/09/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.34 12/07/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.33 14/05/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.32 02/05/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.31 17/04/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.30 29/03/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.29 09/03/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.28 20/02/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.27 04/01/2010
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.26 19/12/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.25 15/11/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.24 31/10/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.23 17/10/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.22 26/09/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.21 07/09/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.20 03/08/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.19 18/07/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.18 03/07/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.17 20/06/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.16 21/05/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.15 02/05/2009
MediaInfo (64-bit) v0.7.14 18/04/2009
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