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Musicnizer v8.0

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Musicnizer is a tool that can help you to organize your music collection.

The music organizer provides you with all information you'll ever need about your audio collection. Simply add your music albums to the program using the most convenient method, and comprehensive reviews with information about artists will be automatically downloaded from the online music database of your choice.

Key Features:
  • Create an illustrated music collection catalog.
  • Find reviews, covers, other information about albums.
  • Get full discography and biography of a particular artist.
  • Use various online music databases to retrieve information in your language.
  • Choose what information should be downloaded (optimize download time and traffic).
  • Keep information about different editions of the same album.
  • Sort your music albums by the various attributes: genre, year, studio, etc.
  • Customize the content (reviews, pictures, biographies, comments, rating) of each page.
  • Keep track of where some particular album CD is located (shelf, rack, bedroom).
  • Easily pick an album to listen to again or to sell/buy using your flags and remarks.
  • Add an album to your music collection by scanning its barcode using a webcam.
  • Play back your music with the internal or with your favorite external player.
  • Search the media library with the advanced search engine or with the Quick Search feature.
  • Export and share your data with user-friendly reports.
  • Always remember who has borrowed your CDs using Loan Manager.
  • Use Custom Fields and Lists to create new sorting categories.
  • Process groups of albums at once.
  • Customize your collection list's appearance.
  • Easily import your music collection database from other music organizer programs.
  • Use Statistics and Reports to get a better overview of your music library.
  • Use different user interface scripts and information download scripts. Automatically update them for ultimate information accuracy.

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Musicnizer v8.0Tamaño: 17.51 MB

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Musicnizer v8.0
Tipo de licencia Shareware1
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Fecha que se añadió. 11/12/2015
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Tamaño 17.51 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English  
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

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