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Historial de versiones para uTorrent (64-bit)

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Cambios para v3.0 build 25422 Beta - v3.0 build 25570 Beta

  • Change: don't show balloon tip when adding torrent from copydata message
  • Fix: DHT responses would sometimes be invalid
  • Fix: Allow non-english surveys
  • Change: enable speed graph by default
  • Change: change default window size to fit all default columns
  • Change: Added dynamic survey link mechanism
  • Change: Fixed bundling with filenames that contain semicolons
  • Change: don't show bundle launch notification if show_notify is false
  • Change: Add a tray notification for utorrent launching a bundle.
  • Fix: Start uT with /MINIMIZED option and "Start Minimized" on Windows Startup now work correctly.
  • Fix: /HIDE in cmd line starts uT in Boss Mode
  • Fix: fix erroneous error messages about saving resume.dat
  • Fix: fix possible crash on auto-updates
  • Fix: fixed race condition when cancelling a btapp download
  • Fix: fixed possible crash when uninstalling apps
  • Fix: Multitorrent bundling now works. Fixes crash.
  • Fix: Search Bar - "Manage Search Provides" now links to "Preferences > Advanced > Ui Extras"
  • Change: Seeding tasks now show ETA of infinity

Cambios para v3.0 build 25329 Beta - v3.0 build 25422 Beta

  • Change: Add a tray notification for utorrent launching a bundle.
  • Feature: Enable pairing from LAN IP ranges, to enable LAN streaming.
  • Fix: RSS feed names would have the URL in the sidebar
  • Fix: fix systray icon issue when close-to-tray is set and not always-show-tray-icon
  • Change: ->
  • Fix: dropzone render issue when hiding sidebar buttons and category list
  • Fix: Honor download limit more accurately
  • Fix: remove utorrent appdata directory on uninstall if requested
  • Fix: wrapping the streaming player path in quotes...necessary in xp for paths with spaces
  • Fix: optimize CPU usage for rendering minified torrent list
  • Fix: make sure the drop zone never overlaps with the toolbar
  • Change: show percent done for stopped torrents
  • Change: configurable maximum read size when seeding [diskio.cache_stripe]
  • Fix: fix playback column sorting
  • Change: update icons with higher resolution versions for win7
  • Fix: Save Settings immediately after install in 'no-copy' mode ('Install uTorrent in' is unchecked)
  • Fix: fix rating column interaction
  • Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8
  • Fix: fix sidebar toolbar and detail pane chevron
  • Change: Enable URLs that redirect to magnet links for bundles and add torrent URL
  • Change: Default sort order in Peers tab is now downloaded bytes
  • Fix: prevent name editing (F2) in minified mode
  • Fix: Report 64-bit architecture in all cases, so that we choose the proper autoupdate path
  • Fix: Don't crash when downloading a large torrent, quickly with small piece size
  • Fix: Selecting the last torrent when utorrent is bogged down and removing a torrent
  • Fix: More space for translations in Ratings tab
  • Fix: data is invalid errors when using partfile
  • Fix: Don't disable "Uploaded:" in stats area of Transfer cap pane in Preferences
  • Change: Added advanced option: gui.enable_sidebar_buttons
  • Fix: stats calculation frequency issue ("flat-line" speed graph)

Cambios para v3.0 build 25305 Beta - v3.0 build 25329 Beta

  • Fix: Files would be permanently deleted when "Delete to trash" option was selected
  • Fix: Play / Stream button would disappear
  • Change: Layout in Info tab is now more compact
  • Fix: Restore tooltips for buttons in right toolbar
  • Fix: Don't show epoch time value for "Completed On" in Info tab
  • Fix: "Completed" column would show "Added" time with gui.use_fuzzy_dates = false
  • Change: Stop color button green -> red
  • Change: fixed autoload directory
  • Change: updated default skin colors
  • Feature: Add %K to running commands on torrent events, to specify the kind of a torrent (multi file/single file)
  • Fix: fix potential freeze on startup with lots of streamable torrents

Cambios para v3.0 build 25277 Beta - v3.0 build 25305 Beta

  • Change: Display build number and platform in titlebar for alpha/beta builds
  • Change: torrents added by apps are now labelled with the apps name
  • Fix: transfer cap bug which would always compare to download+upload
  • Change: updated spinner animation when adding torrents in apps and loading resume state
  • Change: Honor no-buffering properly in hash jobs
  • Change: Allow double clicking incomplete files in files tab
  • Change: Adding an optional hidden label. Any torrent given the hidden label won't be displayed anywhere but in the label sidebar entries. This includes not showing up in All.
  • Fix: fixed issue when creating multifile torrents and starting them where the save directory would be incorrectly set
  • Change: Add advanced setting gui.enable_comments to disable sending or receiving comments.
  • Change: ratings_enable to gui.enable_ratings.

Cambios para v3.0 build 25234 Beta - v3.0 build 25277 Beta

  • Fix: open containing folder was broken
  • Fix: send to friend dialog
  • Fix: windows/context menus would go black
  • Change: new icons
  • Fix: Hiding Playback column would cause visual issues on Win7
  • Fix: crash while auto-updating older 3.0 versions
  • Fix: crash after dismissing the welcome window
  • Fix: Make sure torrents switch over to "ready to stream" mode automatically
  • Fix: Don't cause download directories to be modified while we're seeding.

Cambios para v3.0 build 25233 Beta - v3.0 build 25234 Beta

  • Fix: When user chooses "prioritize by file order", start downloading files
  • Fix: torrent renaming (F2) was broken
  • Fix: don't change selection for torrent filter when minimizing sidebar
  • Fix: Empty rows in minified view would flash with the column select color (grey)
  • Change: Added "gui.use_fuzzy_dates" advanced preference for Added/Completed dates
  • Fix: RSS Feeds node was not re-expanded across restarts

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