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Historial de versiones para Ares Galaxy

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Cambios para v2.2.1 - v2.2.2

Cambios para v2.1.0 - v2.1.1

  • Improved UDP channellist, sorting by availability
  • Fixed division by zero error in thread_upload
  • Improved chatroom auto-join handshake

Cambios para v2.0.9 - v2.1.0

  • Changes:
  • New UPD chat channellist
  • Improved connectivity, removal of cacheservers
  • Added new skins (thanks to Daniel and George)
  • Added russian translation (thanks to nis)
  • Added Mouse-Middle-button click to select nicknames in chat

Cambios para v2.0.8 - v2.0.9

  • Added simple web browser to 2.x interface
  • Added mime audio/aac in asyncEx
  • Memory optimization
  • Added mime filter to DHT engine

Cambios para v2.0.2 (01202007) - v2.0.3 (01242007)

  • Fixed system menu on skinned frame windows
  • PM's tab is again child of channel's tab
  • Fixed chatroom server's antiflood filter (public msgs and emotes)
  • From now on chat server's code is available as a separate release

Cambios para v2.0.1 (01102007) - v2.0.2 (01202007)

  • Fixed preview transfer bug
  • Chatserver thread removed (chatserver is now a NT service to allow background running)

Cambios para v2.0.0 (01052007) - v2.0.1 (01102007)

  • Fixed win98&ME SetFilePointerEx issue
  • Added chatroom taskbar button
  • Added web/homepage label in control panel
  • Included another set of blocked keywords in chatroom PMs
  • MSN 'What I'm listening to' has an option in control panel
  • Adopted a better memory manager fastMM (
  • Changed default skin loading behaviour (works with older skins)
  • Playlist menu pops up even without items in the list
  • Included latest arabic translation (thanks awadh :)

Cambios para v1.9.9 (12142006) - v2.0.0 (01052007)

  • Updated skin engine and UI (removed browser, changed aspect of playlist, main window, tabs, etc)
  • Updated asyncEx core
  • Fixed utf8 parsing error in chat /url command

Cambios para v1.9.8 (12082006) - v1.9.9 (12142006)

  • Fixed bug in bittorrent core related to large file's seeking
  • Added msn 'what I'm listening to' feature
  • Improved performance of radio buffering code
  • Fixed bugs in Avi previewer (can rebuild without idx1)
  • Fixed fullscreen bug (toggle fullscreen didn't work when video ended)

Cambios para v1.9.7 (12022006) - v1.9.8 (12082006)

  • Fixed several bugs in .avi files preview code (Ares retrieves first part of downloaded .avi file and seeks for idx1 data in it in order to rebuild and preview it)
  • Improved fullscreen window (cursor hides automatically, added setvolume menu item)
  • Changed appearance of media player's volume control
  • Moved some tags from chatroom's name field to topic field (eg [ASAX], [AE] etc) as an attempt to make list easier to read

Cambios para v1.9.6 (11302006 ) - v1.9.7 (12022006)

  • Improved Radio Dx Filter's reliability
  • Added Radio 'export hashlink' feature
  • Updated arlnk code (handles shorter links eg. \\arlnk://Radio:

Cambios para v1.9.5 (11182006) - v1.9.6 (11302006 )

  • Added experimental Internet Radio support (Shoutcast) using DShow filter by Martin Offenwanger (see README file)
  • Added plaintext hashlinks (eg. arlnk://Chatroom:127.x.x.x:x|Roomname )
  • Fixed a bug in Chatroom Client that caused LAN/Internal chatroom's IP to be ignored.
  • Previewed files are played without copying them to a temp directory (except .avi files)

Cambios para v1.9.3 (10222006 ) - v1.9.4 (11-21-2006)

  • Added Bittorrent Support
  • Added uploads auto-clear Idle feature (popup menu)
  • Fixed transfer view direct chat button
  • Fixed resizing bug in upload window

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