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PeerBlock v1.2

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP
If you want to be able to use P2P software with improved privacy, have some protection against IP ranges known for peddling malware or block connections from any IP address or range you choose from your computer, then PeerBlock is what you need.

PeerBlock essentially picks up where PeerGuardian 2 left off. It looks almost exactly the same and still blocks more-or-less the same targets as PeerGuardian 2 (anti-P2P, Government, Spyware, Law Enforcement etc.), but PeerBlock has fixed many of the stability and other bugs that plagued PeerGuardian 2.

PeerBlock sits in the background and monitors the connections your computer attempts to establish with others on the Internet. If a remote IP address has been blocked in any of the loaded lists, PeerBlock will prevent the connection from being established.

PeerBlock can..
  • Block anti-P2P organizations that collect data for media companies or law enforcement use.
  • Block fake P2P networks (fake eMule servers, for example).
  • Block known peddlers of Spyware, Malware and Spam.
  • Block advertisers
  • Block Government or Law Enforcement sources.
  • Block Educational Institutions
Essentially, if you can get a list for a target to block, you can load it into PeerBlock. You could even technically set it up to block an entire country from establishing any connection to your computer on the Internet.

Please note however that PeerBlock does not guarantee to block ALL threats and the very fact that the IP blocklists are publicly available suggests that it would not be hard for an organization or others to get around PeerBlock. Nevertheless, most of its users still swear by it.

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PeerBlock v1.0+ (r320) PeerBlock v1.1 (r518)

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