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PSPad v4.5.5.2386 Beta

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
PSPad is a universal freeware text editor, useful for people who:

  • work with various programming environments
  • like highlighted syntax in their source code
  • need a small tool with simple controls and the capabilities of a mighty code editor
  • are looking for a tool that handles plain text
  • want to spare time - PSPad offers rich text formating functions
  • need tool what offer user extension capabilities
  • want to save money and still have the functionality of professional products because PSPad is free for commercial and government purposes too

PSPad supports many different extension modules, which you can download from here.

Capturas de pantalla:

PSPad v4.5.5.2412 Beta
Tipo de licencia 1
Página del autor Visita la página del autor
Fecha que se añadió. 18/02/2019
Descargas 7,393
Tamaño 1.97 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

18/02/2019PSPad v5.0.1(Más reciente estable versión)
25/05/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2661
20/05/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2660
13/04/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2658
12/04/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2657
30/03/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2656
19/03/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2655
10/03/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2653
08/03/2015PSPad v4.6.0.2652
02/03/2015PSPad v4.5.9.2600
18/02/2015PSPad v4.5.9.2529
12/02/2015PSPad v4.5.9.2528
04/01/2015PSPad v4.5.9.2525
01/12/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2521
28/11/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2519
12/11/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2517
26/10/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2513
16/10/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2512
06/10/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2507
14/09/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2503
10/09/2014PSPad v4.5.9.2501
02/09/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2500
24/06/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2485
14/06/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2482
01/06/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2481
08/04/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2471
24/02/2014PSPad v4.5.8.2469
10/11/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2463
21/10/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2462
18/10/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2461
30/05/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2457
10/05/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2455
18/02/2013PSPad v4.5.8.2453
11/04/2012PSPad v4.5.7.2445
15/03/2012PSPad v4.5.7.2441
02/02/2012PSPad v4.5.7.2437
05/12/2011PSPad v4.5.7.2433
27/11/2011PSPad v4.5.7.2432
13/11/2011PSPad v4.5.6.2427
31/10/2011PSPad v4.5.6.2426 Beta
18/10/2011PSPad v4.5.6.2423 Beta
07/08/2011PSPad v4.5.6.2419 Beta
15/03/2011PSPad v4.5.5.2417 Beta
28/02/2011PSPad v4.5.5.2415 Beta
21/02/2011PSPad v4.5.5.2412 Beta
16/02/2011PSPad v4.5.5.2411 Beta
13/12/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2405 Beta
08/12/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2401 Beta
12/07/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2395 Beta
03/07/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2392 Beta
07/06/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2390 Beta
24/05/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2389 Beta
21/05/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2388 Beta
16/03/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2386 Beta
26/02/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2385 Beta
23/02/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2384 Beta
01/02/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2383 Beta
08/01/2010PSPad v4.5.5.2381 Beta
11/11/2009PSPad v4.5.5.2374 Beta
28/09/2009PSPad v4.5.5.2370 Beta
17/08/2009PSPad v4.5.5.2357 Beta
14/07/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2356
06/07/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2353 Beta
13/05/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2351 Beta
14/04/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2349 Beta
26/02/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2346 Beta
14/02/2009PSPad v4.5.4.2341 Beta
24/11/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2335 Beta
24/07/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2325 Beta
11/06/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2320 Beta
29/05/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2317 Beta
02/03/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2309 Beta
26/02/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2308 Beta
28/01/2008PSPad v4.5.4.2301 Beta
25/11/2007PSPad v4.5.3.2298
25/11/2007PSPad v4.5.3.2297 Beta (update)
22/11/2007PSPad v4.5.3.2296 Beta (update)
12/11/2007PSPad v4.5.3 (2291)
29/10/2007PSPad v4.5.3 (2284)
26/10/2007PSPad v4.5.3 (2283)
14/10/2007PSPad v4.5.3 (2282)
08/10/2007PSPad v4.5.3.2281 Beta
02/10/2007PSPad v4.5.3.2280 Beta
30/08/2007PSPad v4.5.2.2241
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