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YouTube Music Desktop App v1.12.2-RC4

Open source
Win10 / Win7 / Win8
YouTube Music Desktop App is an Electron-based Desktop player for YouTube Music.

It is essentially an electron-wrapper for the web service that means you can use YouTube Music without opening and running a web browser.

The user interface is pretty much identical to the web service, it is just freed from the browser. However, using this app means you can use media keys on your keyboard or other input devices to switch tracks, pause and so forth.

Another nice addition is the ability to access lyrics for songs by clicking a button located on the right-hand side of the title bar.

Lyrics open in a separate window you can move around.

Overall, if you are a YouTube Music subscriber and want to break out of the web browser, this is an excellent option and its also free and open source.
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YouTube Music Desktop App v1.12.2-RC4Tamaño: 27.94 kB

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YouTube Music Desktop App v1.8.2 YouTube Music Desktop App v1.1.0
Tipo de licencia Open source1
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Fecha que se añadió. 18/08/2020
Descargas 19
Tamaño 27.94 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Idiomas disponibles English   Dutch  
Sistemas operativos Win10 / Win7 / Win81

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