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Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2 Build 008

Vista / Win7 / WinXP
Mp3 Tag Tools is a free ID3 Tag Editing tool for Windows.

Key Features:
  • ID3v1.1 & ID3v2.x support
  • Tag mp3s even while playing them
  • Mass ID3 tagging
  • Custom Filename Format specification like "() - - - <Ignore>" using shortcuts "(*1) - *2 - *3 - *0" or selecting checkboxes<li>Write ID3 tags from Filenames using Custom Filename Format<li>Rename Filenames From ID3 tags using Custom Filename or Directory Format<li>Remove All ID3v1.1 or ID3v2.x tags<li>Remove All Non-ID3 tags<li>Create ID3 tags using Directory Formats<li>Create Directories and organize mp3s from ID3 tag info<li>Selectively Copy or Synchronize ID3v1.1 & ID3v2.x tags<li>Sort and export tag data as Tab delimited text files for import to spreadsheet programs<li>Lyrics and Picture tagging<li>Cleaning Filenames of unwanted charachters such as %20 and underscores "_", remove excess whitespace, Correcting their case to capitalize the first letter of each word or after symbols or prefix words<li>Accurately read all MPEG info and append bitrate and mode to filenames<li>Recursion - All these tag operations can be carried out by individually selecting one or more files from a mp3 tag list, created by searching a specified directory with or without recursion.<li>Use MTT as a hard drive mp3 search tool and virtual playlist</ul> <br /><br /> </div> <div class="suggestLinks"> <a href="/programas/general/submit_software_description_change.cfm/mp3_tag_tools" title="¿Cree que la descripción es inexacta o contiene errores? Envíenos sus sugerencias acerca de cómo mejorar la descripción de este programa." id="suggestDescLink" rel="nofollow">Correcciones sugeridas</a> </div> <form id="downloadForm-5904" action="/programas/general/download_splash.cfm/mp3_tag_tools" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="version_id" value="62338" /> <input type="hidden" name="software_id" value="5904" /> <div class="download-wrapper secondary-button"> <a id="download-secondary-button" class="download-button" href="/programas/general/download_splash.cfm/mp3_tag_tools?software_id=5904&version_id=62338"> Free Download </a> <div class="software-info">Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2 Build 008<span class="software-filesize">Tamaño: 281.68 kB</span></div> </div> </form> <!-- form submit script for download-button --> <script type="text/javascript"> // $('.mirrors_holder').show(); $('#downloadForm-5904').click(function() { $('#downloadForm-5904').submit(); return false; }); </script> <div class="screenshots"> <h2>Capturas de pantalla:</h2> <div> <a href="" title="MP3 Tag Tools - User Interface. - 1 / 1" class="screenie"><img itemprop="image" src="" alt="Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2 Build 008" width="160" height="120" /></a> </div> </div> <p id="link_to_this_page">Código HTML para enlazar esta página:<br /><input type="text" value="<a href="">Descargar Mp3 Tag Tools</a>" onClick="select();"></p> </div> <div class="tab_panels software_details" id="tab2" data-tabhash="detalles"> <div class="row_1" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype=""> <span class="label">Tipo de licencia</span> <span class="value">Freeware<sup class="ref">1</sup></span> <meta itemprop="price" content="0" /> </div> <div class="row_1"> <span class="label">Página del autor</span> <span class="value"><a href="" target="_blank">Visita la página del autor</a></span> </div> <div class="row_0"> <span class="label">Fecha que se añadió.</span> <span class="value">16/05/2013</span> </div> <div class="row_1"> <span class="label">Descargas</span> <span class="value">12</span> </div> <div class="row_0"> <span class="label">Tamaño</span> <span class="value"> 281.68 kB <i>(<1min @ 1Mbps)</i> <meta itemprop="filesize" content="288441" /> </span> </div> <div class="row_1"> <span class="label"> Idiomas disponibles </span> <span class="value"> English   </span> </div> <div class="row_0"> <span class="label">Sistemas operativos</span> <span class="value">Vista / Win7 / WinXP<sup class="ref">1</sup></span> </div> <p class="noteAboutOss"><sup class="ref">1</sup>La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.</p> </div> <div class="tab_panels software_versions" id="tab3" data-tabhash="todas_las_versiones"> <div class="options"> </div> <div id="versionList"> <a title="Versión más reciente" href="/programas/audio_video/id3/mp3_tag_tools.cfm" class="latest_stable"><div class="iconContainer"></div><span class="link">Mp3 Tag Tools v1.2 Build 008</span><span class="specifier">(Más reciente estable versión)</span> <span class="date">16/05/2013</span></a> </div> </div> <div class="tab_panels software_reviews" id="tab4" data-tabhash="comentarios"> <div class="postSoftwareReview"> <form class="loginValidateThis" action="/programas/general/add_review.cfm" method="post"> <div class="miniTabsForLogin"> <ul> <li> <a href="#postAsNewUser1">Nuevo usuario</a> </li> <li> <a href="#postAndLogin1">Acceder</a> </li> </ul> <div class="userFields"> <div id="postAsNewUser1"> <div class="loginInstructions">Si no tienes una cuenta en <b></b> todavía, por favor introduce tu nick y dirección de correo electrónico. <em>Te enviaremos un enlace de activación.</em> <p> <strong>Si ya tienes una cuenta en, por favor <a href="#postAndLogin1" class="switchToLoginTab">accede</a> utilizando la siguiente pestaña.</strong></p></div> <div><label for="New_Nick">Nick</label> <input type="text" name="New_Nick" value="WilliamWamuh" size=12 maxlength=20 /></div> <div id="nickCheck"> <span id="nickCheckHeading"></span> <span id="nickCheckMessage"></span> </div> <div><label for="New_Email">Dirección de correo electrónico</label> <input type="text" name="New_Email" value="" size=20 maxlength=100 /></div> <div class="loginErrorMessages"></div> </div> <div id="postAndLogin1"> <div class="loginInstructions">Accede con tu <b>AfterDawn</b> usuario o tu dirección de correo electrónico.</div> <label for="AD_Nick">Nick o dirección de correo electrónico</label> <input type="text" name="AD_Nick" value="WilliamWamuh" size=20 maxlength=100 /><br/> <label for="AD_Password">Contraseña</label> <input type="password" name="AD_Password" value="" size=12 maxlength=20 /> <div class="loginErrorMessages"></div> </div> </div> <div class="loginIframes" style="display: none;"></div> </div> <style> #nickSuggestion { color: blue; 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