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Free Studio v6.3.4.604

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Free Studio is a bundle with all free multimedia applications which have been developed by DVDVideoSoft. With this free software you can convert video and audio files between different formats and to iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and all popular mobile phones and devices; burn and rip DVDs and audio CDs; upload and download YouTube videos and music to your computer, iPod, PSP, iPhone and BlackBerry; perform basic editing of audio and video files as well as record videos and make snapshots.

New Free Studio Manager is a completely redesigned all-in-one package. It contains 8 sections to bundle all free multimedia applications which have been developed by DVDVideoSoft. These sections the following: YouTube, MP3&Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD&Video, Photo&Images, Mobiles, Apple Devices, 3D. Thus all the programs are included in the new interface for easy access to any of them.

One installation for 41 programs

  • Free YouTube Download
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
  • Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter
  • Free YouTube to iPhone Converter
  • Free YouTube to DVD Converter
  • Free YouTube Uploader

  • Free Video to Android Converter
  • Free Video to Apple TV Converter
  • Free Video to BlackBerry Converter
  • Free Video to HTC Phones Converter
  • Free Video to iPad Converter
  • Free Video to iPod Converter
  • Free Video to iPhone Converter
  • Free Video to LG Phones Converter
  • Free Video to Motorola Phones Converter
  • Free Video to Nintendo Converter
  • Free Video to Nokia Phones Converter
  • Free Video to Samsung Phones Converter
  • Free Video to Sony Phones Converter
  • Free Video to Sony Playstation Converter
  • Free Video to Sony PSP Converter
  • Free Video to Xbox Converter

  • Free DVD Video Converter
  • Free Video to DVD Converter
  • Free Video to Flash Converter
  • Free 3GP Video converter
  • Free Video to MP3 Converter
  • Free Video to JPG Converter
  • Free Audio Converter
  • Free Audio to Flash Converter

  • Free DVD Video Burner
  • Free Disc Burner
  • Free Audio CD Burner
  • Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter

  • Free Screen Video Recorder
  • Free Image Convert and Resize
  • Free Video Dub
  • Free Audio Dub
  • Free Video Flip and Rotate

  • Free 3D Photo Maker
  • Free 3D Video Maker

    Free Studio contains no spyware or adware. It's clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

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    Free Studio v6.3.8.820 Free Studio v6.1.0.320
  • Tipo de licencia 1
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    Fecha que se añadió. 03/08/2019
    Descargas 14,289
    Tamaño 82.78 MB (11min @ 1Mbps)
    Idiomas disponibles English,  Spanish,  Dutch
    Sistemas operativos Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1La informacion sobre la licencia y el sistema operativo se basa en la ultima version del programa.

    03/08/2019Free Studio v6.7.0.712(Más reciente estable versión)
    20/03/2019Free Studio v6.6.44.228
    06/07/2018Free Studio v6.6.42.703
    24/06/2018Free Studio v6.6.41.620
    28/02/2018Free Studio v6.6.40.222
    18/07/2017Free Studio v6.6.39.707
    18/07/2017Free Studio v6.6.39.707
    06/07/2017Free Studio v6.6.38.626
    09/06/2017Free Studio v6.6.37.606
    14/04/2017Free Studio v6.6.35.323
    10/03/2017Free Studio v6.6.33.213
    07/01/2017Free Studio v6.6.30.1215
    30/10/2016Free Studio v6.6.29.1027
    06/09/2016Free Studio v6.6.28.831
    25/08/2016Free Studio v6.6.27.822
    28/07/2016Free Studio v6.6.26.722
    13/07/2016Free Studio v6.6.26.712
    07/07/2016Free Studio v6.6.25.705
    15/06/2016Free Studio v6.6.21.610
    12/06/2016Free Studio v6.6.20.607
    03/06/2016Free Studio v6.6.19.602
    31/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.17.530
    26/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.16.525
    19/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.13.518
    11/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.10.511
    06/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.8.505
    04/05/2016Free Studio v6.6.7.426
    29/03/2016Free Studio v6.6.6.328
    23/03/2016Free Studio v6.6.4.317
    18/01/2016Free Studio v6.6.1.118
    24/12/2015Free Studio v6.6.0.1224
    13/12/2015Free Studio v6.5.15.1211
    28/11/2015Free Studio v6.5.12.1127
    14/11/2015Free Studio v6.5.10.1113
    10/11/2015Free Studio v6.5.9.1029
    28/10/2015Free Studio v6.5.8.1019
    22/10/2015Free Studio v6.5.7.1016
    29/09/2015Free Studio v6.5.5.915
    15/09/2015Free Studio v6.5.5.913
    09/08/2015Free Studio v6.5.4.805
    19/07/2015Free Studio v6.5.3.713
    20/06/2015Free Studio v6.5.2.616
    28/05/2015Free Studio v6.5.2.525
    06/05/2015Free Studio v6.5.1.505
    20/04/2015Free Studio v6.5.1.415
    27/03/2015Free Studio v6.5.0.324
    03/03/2015Free Studio v6.5.0.301
    20/02/2015Free Studio v6.5.0.219
    30/01/2015Free Studio v6.4.3.128
    14/01/2015Free Studio v6.4.2.113
    18/12/2014Free Studio v6.4.1.1215
    24/11/2014Free Studio v6.4.0.1122
    15/11/2014Free Studio v6.4.0.1111
    09/11/2014Free Studio v6.4.0.1107
    27/10/2014Free Studio v6.4.0.1022
    20/10/2014Free Studio v6.4.0.1016
    24/09/2014Free Studio v6.3.10.923
    23/09/2014Free Studio v6.3.10.922
    08/09/2014Free Studio v6.3.9.906
    21/08/2014Free Studio v6.3.8.820
    08/08/2014Free Studio v6.3.7.807
    17/07/2014Free Studio v6.3.6.716
    24/06/2014Free Studio v6.3.5.623
    09/06/2014Free Studio v6.3.4.604
    30/05/2014Free Studio v6.3.4.530
    29/05/2014Free Studio v6.3.3.528
    15/05/2014Free Studio v6.3.1.514
    01/05/2014Free Studio v6.3.0.430
    26/04/2014Free Studio v6.2.17.424
    28/03/2014Free Studio v6.2.16.327
    25/03/2014Free Studio v6.2.15.325
    19/03/2014Free Studio v6.2.14.319
    05/03/2014Free Studio v6.2.13.304
    26/02/2014Free Studio v6.2.11.225
    24/02/2014Free Studio v6.2.10.224
    24/02/2014Free Studio v6.2.9.223
    19/02/2014Free Studio v6.2.7.218
    18/02/2014Free Studio v6.2.6.213
    31/12/2013Free Studio v6.2.4.1230
    23/12/2013Free Studio v6.2.3.1219
    28/11/2013Free Studio v6.2.2.1128
    26/11/2013Free Studio v6.2.1.1125
    30/10/2013Free Studio v6.2.0.1029
    23/10/2013Free Studio v6.1.13.1022
    27/09/2013Free Studio v6.1.12.925
    26/09/2013Free Studio v
    28/08/2013Free Studio v6.1.11.0827
    22/08/2013Free Studio v6.1.10.812
    15/08/2013Free Studio v6.1.9.812
    26/07/2013Free Studio v6.1.8.725
    23/07/2013Free Studio v6.1.7.717
    28/06/2013Free Studio v6.1.4.628
    23/06/2013Free Studio v6.1.3.622
    12/06/2013Free Studio v6.1.2.610
    04/05/2013Free Studio v6.1.1.430
    27/04/2013Free Studio v6.1.1.426
    20/04/2013Free Studio v6.1.1.419
    20/03/2013Free Studio v6.1.0.320
    19/03/2013Free Studio v6.1.0.319
    28/01/2013Free Studio v6.0.0.128
    14/12/2012Free Studio v5.9.0.1212
    02/12/2012Free Studio v5.8.0.1201
    01/12/2012Free Studio v5.8.0.1130
    04/11/2012Free Studio v5.7.7.1031
    16/10/2012Free Studio v5.7.6.1015
    08/10/2012Free Studio v5.7.5.1005
    06/10/2012Free Studio v5.7.5.1004
    19/09/2012Free Studio v5.7.4.918
    17/09/2012Free Studio v5.7.3.917
    15/09/2012Free Studio v5.7.3.916
    15/09/2012Free Studio v5.7.3.915
    04/09/2012Free Studio v5.7.3.903
    27/08/2012Free Studio v5.7.2.825
    24/08/2012Free Studio v5.7.2.824
    23/08/2012Free Studio v5.7.2.823
    23/08/2012Free Studio v5.7.1.822
    20/08/2012Free Studio v5.7.0
    19/08/2012Free Studio v5.6.3
    09/06/2012Free Studio v5.6.1
    23/02/2012Free Studio v5.3.5
    15/02/2012Free Studio v5.3.3
    17/08/2011Free Studio v5.1.7
    24/07/2011Free Studio v5.1.4
    29/06/2011Free Studio v5.0.13
    03/06/2011Free Studio v5.0.10
    01/05/2011Free Studio v5.0.9
    01/04/2011Free Studio v5.0.8
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    Free Studio v5.0.8

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